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New Years Eve Outfit Ideas | 5 outfits, 5 venues ♥ |

Hello lovelies! Its end of year, as New Year’s Eve is just next week! Everyone will be spending their night and early morning differently. I have created 5 different outfits for 5 venues; from very fancy to very casual. Let’s get started…

Fancy new years

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Glamours New Years

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casual new years OOTN

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Home party ootn | new years eve

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outside on New Years Eve | OOTN
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What's your favorite look? 

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Gold Leopard | OOTN ♥

Blouse- Primark
Necklace- Primark
Pants- Topshop
Watch- River Island
Boots- Local Boutique

Hello lovelies! I wore this outfit not that long ago to my friend’s 18th Birthday party. I decided to go for more casual look as I was in work 9 hours earlier on. I wore my beloved Topshop disco pants with Primark leopard blouse which I’ve featured last year in ‘A little haul’ post (click here) I also wearing my gold watch from River Island, along with a gold statement necklace from Primark. My very high-heeled boots are from local boutique. 

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Boxing Day Sales Outfit | ♥

Stylish Sunday

Hello Lovelies! Long-time no see again; there is not excuse over than college and work. Although my laptop charge broke, so I couldn’t use my laptop for about 2 weeks… which wasn’t fun at all. 

I think this is a great outfit for Boxing Day outfit as it’s stylish and comfortable.  The check shirt is from H&M, it gives the whole outfit some colour.  The black pants are Joni jeans from topshop, I think they’re great basics. As for shoes I went for croc chunky black cut-out boots from River Island. I own a plain black pair and they’re extremely comfortable great for all day shopping. The bag is a Michael Kors, Selma Stud satchel. The gold detail matches the shoes and necklace very well. The gold chain necklace is from Debenhams.  Lastly the coat is from Aeropostale.                                                                                           


What I wore to college #13

 Top- Primark
Jumper- H&M
Jeans- Primark
Boots- River Island 

Helloooo! Another quick post to show you all what I been wearing lately! Today I’m wearing my new favourite pants, which are these high waisted supersoft jeans from Primark. They are really good dupe of Topshop Joni Jeans and American Apparel Easy jeans. I have featured them in my latest haul, here. I’ve been wearing them non-stop as they are super comfortable. If you read my blog regularly then you know I love anything high-waisted! Along with the jeans I have on one of my favourite jumpers, and my most-worn shoes of last few weeks which you all know, are my river island cut-out boots.

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OOTD: Monochrome

Coat- Primark
Top- Topshop
Disco Pants- Topshop
Shoes- Black vans via Asos

Helloooo! This is a quick post showing you todays outfit! Im wearing all black and white, no surprise there! I showed both the top and coat in my latest haul, here. Also excuse my hair I just finished blow-drying it! Sadly it gets so dark so quickly I never have time to take any photos as I’m neither coming home early and going straight to work or I’m home when it’s pitch black.

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Casual Tartan

Casual Tartan

Hello Lovelies!

This is another tartan inspired outfit, this time the main focus is those gorgeous pattern trousers. In my opinion they are perfect for lazy days, where you don’t want to be stuck in skinny jeans all day. As for the top I decided to go with something comfy, which is this, black oversized jumper.  To add some colour into the outfit, I though this fur gillet would look really nice. Also it adds some texture to the outfit. To add some edgy to the outfit and choose those heeled ankle boots. Lastly to pull everything together, I decided to go with this gorgeous bag.
Jumper- Monki
Trousers- Topshop
Gillet- H&M
Boots- H&M
Bag- Topshop

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Recent Autumn Buys... ♥ ( Primark, Topshop and Ebay)

Hello Lovelies! Yesterday I had sometime before work; I decide to take pictures of my latest autumn buys! This isn’t my payday haul, as some of my packages still haven’t arrived, but it should be up soon! This is rather small haul of just primark, topshop, superdrug and Ebay.

The black and white coat was a present for my birthday last month; however I decide it to share it with you all, as a very similar one was in Dorothy Perkins and Topshop. I love the faux leather details by the zip and pockets, in my opinion in makes the coat look a lot more expensive. Also the fur collar is so soft and adds nice finish to the coat. However you have an option of taking it off.

I’ve seen this skater skirt on the sale rack down from £12 to £5! I live in my black skater skirt so decided this would be a nice change for me. The skirt itself is made out of quite thick material. The belt came with the skirt, as for Primark skirt belt its really good quality.

I wanted one of those fur gillets/ waistcoat since last year when H&M had them in. Unfortunately they sold out really quickly especially in smaller sizes and I didn’t manage to get my hands on one. When I walked in to Primark not that long ago, and seen this for either £18 or £22 (I can’t remember sorry) I knew it had to be mine. 

This sparkly strappy top was very popular on youtube few weeks ago, I got it in mind to wear with my disco pants on night-out. They both look great together! The top was either £6 or £7, no more than that. It also looks great with black long-sleeved top underneath and that skater skirt.

I wanted Joni Jeans from Topshop ever since they came out, however every time I have money and go to buy them, they never have my size! When I saw those jeans in Primark and they look so similar I had to at least try them on. They are really comfortable and look great on, I couldn’t leave them there for £10.

I wore this recently in OOTN here, it was £10 but when I got to the till it was only £5!

The only thing which I bought from Topshop recently was this oversized cut-out butterfly top. I got this a while back for £16, however few days later it went into sale for £8, how annoying? I like to wear this with leggings as its long enough. 

The only two beauty things I recently picked; was this Clean and Clear lotion, which I like to use as a toner. Also I re-stocked on, Nivea Double effect eye remover; my most favourite eye remover ever. Both of these items are currently on offer in Superdrug for £2.

The clear case is from Ebay for around £1.99 however I don’t recommend it as it too tight for my iphone. I’m pretty sure iphone 5 and iphone 5s are this same size, however this case doesn't fit. The other two cases are from Primark, and I love them especially the Kola bear! I think they were £3 or £4 each.

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Payday wishlist ♥

payday wishlist!

Hello lovelies!
If you follow me on twitter you might know it’s my payday tomorrow, yes finally! Today I thought I will share with you with things am planning on buying. First of this grey Coca-Cola jumper, I wanted the t-shirt version of this from Primark, as I seen a lot of girls on youtube have it, but I never been able to find it. The jumper is from River Island at £25, which I don’t think is too bad. Next, those grey gloves with red bow are from Asos for £8. In my opinion they’re really cute; if you live in England am sure you notice the huge temperature drop! Also they are touch screen so I can use my phone while keeping my hands nice and warm. The tartan hair bow is from River Island for £5, and it will be a cute accessory to finish of your outfit. I actually tweeted this case a while back; it’s so different and fab, I love it! It's from River Island for £12. The tartan scarf is from Primark for only £5, and it would go nicely with my gloves, defiantly a must-have for those cold days! I want black vans mainly for work, because wearing my dolly shoes for 9 hours isn’t always comfortable! Lastly is this gorgeous navy dress from H&M for only… £7.99! I have a party at end of the month, and I think I will wear this! In my opinion it will look great with black tights and some heeled boots, maybe?

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OOTN: Work hard, play hard... ♥

Hello Lovelies!
Yesterday was one of my best friends 18th Birthday party, it was so good to see everyone and catch up! Although I was extremely tired as I was in work for 9 hours, but it was definitely worth it! I kept my make-up very simple as I didn’t have a lot of time to get ready; I went for natural eye make-up and red lips.
My dress is actually from Primark, I couldn’t find anything I like when I went shopping few days ago. Luckily when I went in to primark I found this dress and a playsuit, however the playsuit didn’t look so good on me. I decided to go with this white dress with velvet black design. It’s in the range ‘wow £10’ however when I got to the till, it was only £5… bargain!

As for accessories I only wore my gold watch from River Island and my black clutch bag is from Primark. As for my shoes I bought them in Miss Selfridges back in the summer. They are really high, I can walk in them all night, but when I do take them off my feet are really sore, however it’s worth it because they’re gorgeous!

P.S Sorry for quality of photo, the picture was taken last minute with my Iphone!

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Tartan Dress ♥

Hello Lovelies!

I fell in love with those shoes few weeks ago, but every time I go to buy them, their out of stock in my size. There are from a website soinfashion.com for £25, which I think is an amazing price. Today I decided to style them with this gorgeous Tartan print dress from Karma Clothing for £10.99! Along with the dress I decided to go for leather jacket with a fur collar from Topshop currently on a sale down to £45 from £58! As for accessories I decided to go with grey bowler hat as it matches some of the stripes on the dress! Lastly the plain black tights finish off the outfit as it is too cold to wear this dress with bare legs, at least in UK!

All Wrapped Up – Christmas Gift Ideas For...

Helloooo lovelies! Can’t you believe Halloween is already gone… this month has fly by, honestly feels like my birthday was last week. However as Halloween is over, it only means one thing… Christmas! That’s right it’s only round the corner now!
This is my first gift guide and one of the first Christmas posts; hopefully I’ll come up with much better posting schedule over the next weeks… Anyway onto the gift guide, rather than suggest presents for specific relative; it is tailored to people with specific interests, such as fitness fanatics, gadget enthusiasts etc.

Vintage looking kitchenware is a great gift for those who enjoy baking, you can choose from variety of things such as storage biscuit barrel or egg rack.

LED TV’s provide better image quality, useful when gaming. Proving a better viewing as well as gaming experience. It is a perfect gift for anyone who likes to spend their time in front of TV.

Whitby is known to be a popular destination for those interested in Gothic culture; The trip could include seeing Whitby Abbey, a visit to the Dracula experience and guided ghost walk of the town. It’s a perfect gift and opportunity to see something new and relax.

During colder months it’s very important to wear warm clothes whilst playing outside, especially kids as they tend to get sick very often. Snow boots are a perfect for snowy weather as they aren’t bulky and very warm.
For anyone who is beauty obsessed, what’s better than trying a lot of new products at once? That’s why a gift set is a lovely way of trying new products at once and anyone with a beauty obsession.

This is perfect gift for a your stylish on trend friend or colleague; it’s small, cute and affordable!
I don’t know about you; it seems my dad has everything… like literally. Every year I struggle to get him anything that’s why I think this is a perfect present for those guys who seem to have everything! Socks is a perfect present as you can never have enough! 

For all younger sisters, friends, cousin who are totally in love with one direction, what’s a better present then getting their perfume right?

Any fitness fanatic would love a new work out gear like trainers, top or even something smaller like a water bottle. I think this water bottle  would make a lovely present.

A cute iphone or ipad case for all your gadget enthusiast’ friends or family member would be a perfect present. 

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* This is a sponsored post