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What's in my everyday make-up bag? (best-friend edition) ♥

All us beauty bloggers like to see what others have in their make-up bags, it’s also a great way to find new products to try out! However instead of showing you what I have I my everyday make-up… which probably contains a lot of hyped up make-up you all seen, I thought it would be fun to show you what my best-friend wears on her face every day!

Eye make-up
 For everyday make-up, my best-friend Jess likes to use soap&glory eyeshadow palette to create natural look. The palette is called ‘Tricks of the shade’ it was sold around Christmas; however I don’t think it’s still available.

Face products

For blusher and highlighter, jess likes to use her benefit sugarlicious, which is a nude lip and cheek kit. It comes with high beam, benetint, sugarbomb blusher and ultra-plush lipgloss.

And in the actual make-up bag… 

The Body Shop Foundation brush
Benefit Badgal eyeliner
Soap& Glory eyeliner Supercat™ Eyeliner
Soap& Glory Smoulder Kohl eyeliner
Max factor mascara sample
MUA hide&conceal concealer
Nivea lipbalm
Max factor false lashes effect mascara
Maybelline Fit Me foundation in 120
No7 loose powder

That’s all the make-up Jess uses on daily basics. Hope you enjoyed seeing what non-beauty obsessed girl has in her everyday make-up bag!

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| My Kindle #2 | with me in Seattle by Kristen Proby |

I recently read a squeal (so far there is only four books out) each books revolves around one couple, however other characters from different novels are still have huge part in each book. Anyway the first novel ‘Come away with me’ is a very sweet love story. Luke is a retired movie star; Natalie is a photographer, one morning she is out on the beach taking photos of the scenery. Suddenly she is confronted by a gorgeous man furious that she was taking a picture of him and demanding that she turn over her camera. Clearly surprised because she actually wasn’t, and even more shocked (and thrilled) then Natalie is Luke because she doesn’t know who he is, and he apologizes generously and asks her out to breakfast hoping to smooth over their rough start. And then their friendship/relationship starts…

The second book in  is called ‘Fight with me’ which tells a story about Natalie’s best friend Jules and her boss Nate. Jules is briefly mentioned in the first book, as Jules lives with Natalie. Anyway Jules loves her job a lot and is not prepared to lose it because of a man, especially a gorgeous man with tattoos… especially her boss! However Nate likes to get what he wants and doesn’t care about the no fraternization policy… he can’t get Jules out of his head, after the incredible night they spend together. He wants her and he will do everything to have her, Jules is about to find out what happens when she tries pushing Nate away…

The third book tells a story about Will Montgomery and Megan McBride. Will is a successful football player and seems to have it all. He’s not used to being told no, and certainly doesn’t take no for an answer. However Megan is a nurse with a good heart, she’s not impressed by Will’s money, cars or his contract. She is very cold towards him and not a fan of him at all. Will is determined to show her that he’s not the arrogant jock she thinks he is, and to get her into his bed. She doesn’t have time for a relationship, and if she’s learned anything in life, it’s that loving means losing, what happens when a sexy footballer starts breaking all the walls Megan build up for years…

Last book that’s out is called ‘Rock with me’ it tells a story about Megan’s brother Leo Nash and Luke’s sister Samantha Williams.  Samantha has learned a lot about being famous and loving a celebrity, Leo from one of the famous bands in the world is the last person on earth she would trust. She has an attitude towards him and doesn’t hind it, Leo wonders what the hell he done to her. He’s not used to women running away from him, that’s why when Sam runs, he chases her. However catching her isn’t as hard as he thought. The sexual attraction between them is so thick; Sam can practically hold it in her hand. Pleasure always comes with pain, but what happens when all secrets are out in the open… who will run and who will chase?

                                        Rock With Me (With Me In Seattle)                                                                            

Have you heard or read this sequel before?

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How I style Pinafores... ♥

As you all probably noticed pinafores are very in right now, today I thought I will show you how I would wear them.
All outfits are more casual and every day wear rather than going outfits. 

Pinafore- River Island
Top- H&M
Jacket- New Look
Shoes- Office

The first look is monochrome, simple black and white.  The pinafore dress is from River Island, it’s simple but gorgeous and this same time. To go with that I choose baggy top to wear underneath, I think baggy tops like that look really good with pinafores. To finish the look off I choose some white flatforms from Office and to put some colour in the outfit I went with denim jacket to give it a casual vibe. 

Pinafore- River Island
Top- New Look
Necklace- New Look
Converse- Schuh

The second look features a lovely pinafore skirt, it’s also from River Island, it has gorgeous bold flower print pattern. The skirt has enough going on, so I choose a plain baggy top with rolled up sleeves to go with it. As I thought that wasn’t enough I added this statement chain necklace. Finally to finish the whole outfit I choose just plain converse… because they look good with anything. However you could wear the flatforms from look 1 with this outfit as well!

Pinafore Skirt- River Island
Jumper- TopShop
Shoes- Office
Necklace- Karma Clothing
Sunglasses- New Look

The third look seems to be my favourite! It features this same pinafore skirt as in the outfit before, however styled slightly different. Instead of a top, I styled it with a jumper because if you live in England like me, you will know the weather is unpredictable and even in summer we still wear lightweight jumpers. To go with that I choose these cute shoes… which won’t be to everyone’s taste but I love them and really want a pair! They are these gorgeous jelly shoes from Office; they remind me of something I wore as a kid! Then to finish the whole outfit I choose this gorgeous necklace from Karma Clothing and some aviator sunglasses from new look.

What’s your favourite outfit?

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April favourties ♥

As you can see I have been really into my hair care in the month of April. I also discovered my love for lipstick again, I been wearing bright, bold lipsticks almost every day if I was wearing make-up. However to college I don’t like wearing very bold lips, so my collection Lip n Hold was my to-go lip-gloss.

  • Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Cream
I re-discovered this product again in the month of April; it smooth out the ends of my hair and helps to hide my split ends as well as makes my hair smell really nice!
  • Percy & Reed Quite Frankly Flawless Finishing Polish

I been into curling my hair last month, and I found this product works like a hairspray in a cream form. I would get a tiny amount on my hands and gently work it into my hair. This kept my hair curly all day, often I wake up the day and my hair is still holding a tight curl. I totally recommend this product it’s time saving as I don’t have to re-curl my second day hair because I really like the loose curl effect the day after.

  • Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter™ Body Butter

I was away first week of April, and I re-discovered my love for this body butter. Very tiny amount moisturizers my body really well, I liked to also use it on my face before bed if I think my face is a little dry.
  • NYC nail polish in mint macaroon

I featured this nail polish last month in my top 5 nail polishes for spring post. It’s a lovely mint colour; it applies very well and lasts on your nails a long time, as it doesn’t chip quickly. It doesn’t dry as quickly as my miss sporty nail polishes do!
  • MUA lipstick in shade 15

As mentioned in my haul, which is a post I uploaded just before this (click here to read it), it’s a neutral peachy pink colour. It applies very well, however it does show up any dry skin. Therefore I like to apply my Nivea essentials lip balm underneath it.

  • MUA lipstick in shade 3

Until the shade 15, this lipstick goes on your lips really smoothly and doesn’t show up any dry skin. It’s a very pigmented colour and you have to watch out not to get it on your teeth. Definitely my favourite lipstick at the moment!

  • Nivea essentials lip balm

I have been applying this before bed on my lips, as well as before I apply any lipsticks. It moisturizes my lips and also smooth’s them out, hiding any dry skin.
  • Collection Lip n Hold lipgloss in Body Pop

I don’t like to wear bold lips to college, reason why this lipgloss has been my to-go lip product to college in the month of April. It smells amazing but also applies to your lips really well and stays on for a while; you don’t have to re-apply every 10 minutes. 

Fashion Favourites
This month I have loved my Zara Office City Bag, which I reviewed here. It’s my college bag and it fits everything in perfectly. It can dress up very casual outfit and make it much smarter. 

Another fashion favourite for the month of April, are my disco pants! I featured them in OOTD or What I wore to college outfit posts! I love them; they look so good with pretty much anything. On warmer days I like to wear them with a crop top and converse or vans. However I wear them during night as well with some heels, blouse or crop top and blazer and am ready to go. My disco pants are from Topshop if you wondering.

 Music Favourites 

The Saturdays- What about us

Calvin Harries ft Ellie Goulding

Nicki Minaj- Starships 

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Small Beauty Haul ♥

After college I stopped by Superdrug as I needed more make-up wipes. I just happened to be walking past the MUA stand and I couldn’t pick anything up. I got two new lipsticks as you might know I love them, a blusher and a new nail polish to try out their new brush. Also the reason why I went to Superdrug was to get my make-up, however I think they must have changed their packaging, because they used to be a lot bigger. Although they are baby wipes… I find they work so much better than make-up remover wipes and don’t break me out. The blusher is in shade 1, its gorgeous coral/pink colour.

The lipsticks are in shade 3 and 15.  Shade 3 is dark pink, fuchsia colour and shade 15 is more of neutral peachy colour.  

|shade 15|
|Shade 3|
Also I Got MUA nail polish as they changed their packaging and brush. The colour I picked up was Pistachio Ice Cream, I also featured this nail polish in NOTD click here to read it. 

| New brush |
Also I thought I quickly show you what I bought from Primark… I only went for two things and that’s what I came out with.

Firstly umbrella, my last one broke so I thought it’s time to get a new one as in England you never know when it’s going to rain. Lastly I picked up just a simple black pair of shoes with gorgeous gold studs. 

I hope you enjoyed my quick haul!