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OOTD: British Summer Time ♥

Helloo lovelies! As you reading this I am probably at the airport or on the plane! Or maybe even already on holiday! I will be gone for three weeks, which means I can’t reply to any comments/tweets/emails however I will get back to you as soon as I come home, which will be 19th  of July!

What is wrong with my hand?!! | Picture Fail |
Anyway onto the outfit, yesterday although it wasn’t cold, you had to wear a jacket… I opted for a lightweight jumper instead! I was running around, buying last minute essentials and running errands all day, I need to be comfy and not cold. Plus on top of everything it was raining on and off all day reason why I put my hair in a plait so it wouldn’t be frizzy.

I wore my new favourite bottoms, my Topshop denim leggings which I showed in my recent haul! The lightweight jumper is from Primark and I wore it in my Spring Lookbook, its perfect to throw over dresses or in a night-time during summer when it gets slightly chilly outside. As for my shoes I wore white flatforms which I got from tReds shoes.

 Hope you have a lovely day, thanks for reading!

What's in my bag? Summer edition | MoneySupermarket competition entry | ♥

Helloo lovelies! Today’s post is a competition entry for MoneySupermarket, to have a chance of winning a Mulberry Bag. All you have to do is write a blog post about the contents of your bag and add the value of all items up.

What’s inside my bag?

Purse- £5 (not including the content)
Phone- £400
Camera- £50
Batteries- £4
Memory Card (not in the picture as I was using it) £12
Pen- £1 for a pack of 12
Tablets- £4.49
Comb- £1
Apple Headphones- £25
Gum- 50p

Total: £502.99

Beauty Related
Nivea Lip Butter- £2
Soap Glory Hand Food- £2.50
Model Co lipgloss- £12

Total: £16.50

Plus the cost of the bag - £40
 All together = £559.49

That’s crazy how much your bag can be worth including all its content! Just imagine if I had my kindle and Ipod in my bag when I took those pictures, it would be worth a lot more!

You have till 1st of July to enter this competition, click here to find out more details

Thanks for reading!

What I wore to college #6 ♥

Top- Local Boutique
Jeans- H&M
Jacket- Topshop
Bag- Zara
Shoes- Nike Blazers 

Hello lovelies! Today was my last full day in college, can you believe how fast this year is going already! Although today wasn’t raining, the weather was dull and really windy. I wore my hair in fishtail plait as weather was pretty crap, and wind would bow my hair all over the place. I recently learned how to do it, after lovely Islaay posted a tutorial on it.

For my outfit I wore jeans which are from H&M, and floral top which I showed in my last haul. As it wasn’t warm enough to leave the house without a jacket, I wore a leather jacket over it. The leather jacket is from Topshop. For my shoes I just wore my black Nike Blazers. Of course to finish my look I carried my baby, Zara office city bag which I have reviewed on my blog before. I use it as an everyday college bag and it's perfect for it! This is a simple go to outfit, unfortunately as I’m done with college now I won’t be posting anymore of these until September!

If you wondering what I bring to college with me everyday, click here as I have done 'What's in my bag? | college edition' 

I am going on holiday this Friday (28th June) and I won’t be back for three weeks until the 19th July. If anyone would like to guest post on my blog, feel free to email me at misskamilaa@gmail.com. However you would have to send me your post at the latest deadline on Thursday morning.

Thanks for reading!

Collective Haul ♥ (TopShop, Primark, H&M and more)

Helloo! Today I have a haul for you all again, although this time it’s mainly clothes instead all just beauty products! I hardly ever post clothes haul, as it’s not only a lot of work but just seems like clothing hauls are more for youtubers?! Anyway as I have been picking up bits here and there, I thought I will share with you what I picked up because who doesn’t like hauls… especially primark ones?!

Light Pink Jumper | £6
 As soon as I seen it, I was attracted to the colour of this jumper, plus it’s really lightweight perfect for colder summer days or just to throw over a dress during night-time. I featured this jumper in my spring look book (click here) I wore it with plain white dress and wore this jumper as throw over and pop of colour.

Pink crop top | £2 
I mainly got this to wear with high waisted shorts and skirts. It’s made out of nice stretchy material and isn’t too short. I haven't wore it yet, but i will do OOTD with it soon! Lastly the best part , it was only £2! 

White crop top | £3.50
 I have an identical one of these from Topshop and I wear it a lot, so I thought I will pick up another one. I saw this in primark for £3.50… bargain!  As my topshop one was £8. I did feature the topshop crop top in my last OOTD, the only different is the material is slightly different but honestly if you wearing it im not sure if I could tell the difference.

Super soft high waisted shorts | £8 
As soon as I saw these I knew I needed them in my life! They remind me a lot of American Apparel Easy Jean Shorts. They are made out of super soft material that looks like denim, they come up just underneath my belly button. I have featured them in my OOTD: Summer days, where you can see what they look like on. For £8 you can’t go wrong, there are made really well... definitely worth the money!

Purse | £5
I was on look out for more summery purse, I really like this one. It reminds me of something by Ted Baker. They also had it in black. 

Topshop Denim Leggings | £22 
I wanted Joni Jeans however they didn’t have my size. So when I saw these leggings I thought they will do, since I got them I been living in them. They are really soft and comfortable. They come up high waisted on me, just above my belly button. Also the light acid wash makes them more summery.

H&M Floral print scarf | £3
 I saw this a while back when it came out, however I didn’t manage to get my hands on it. Few days ago when I was in my local H&M I spotted this scarf in the sale section for £3! It’s much brighter in real life; I did wear it in my last OOTD, where you can see how bright it is. 

 Floral top| £4
I think this top will look great with leggings or shorts. You can always tuck it into skirt as well. As the print isn't too bright, it will look great in autumn layered up with a jacket or a cardigan. 

 Leggings | £6
I really like the print on these leggings, they are made out of super stretchy material but they aren't see through! They will look great with a simple black crop top in the summer during colder days.

White lace peplum top | £6
I fell in love with this top as soon as I saw this, I think it's gorgeous. The lace detail makes it look a lot more expensive than it was. You can simply dress it down with leggings and sandals or dress up with heels.

 Midi dress | £15
Can we just take a minute and look at how gorgeous this print is? It's very bright and stands out a lot. I am on the smaller side so things like maxi skirts make me look a lot smaller than i am. However when I saw this dress I thought I will try it on and see how it looked on. Turns out midi dresses make me look taller... yayy! I love it, I think it will look great with denim jacket and simple sandals in the day time or with some heels for night-time. 

The last four clothing items were from a local boutique, however you can find very similar stuff at primark or shops like boohoo or missguided. 

I wanted a tangle teezer for ages, however I never got round to buying one. Until recently I just browsing amazon and saw it, slightly cheaper as well so I just ordered it!

Maybelline Color Show | £2 
I got this from Asda for £2 as it was on offer. I thought this colour will look really nicely over pale pink nail polish. However you can also wear it on it's own. 

Schwarzkoft Supersoft kids detangling spray £1
My hair is always really tangled and as i ran out of my leave in conditioner I thought I will give this a go and see how i get on with it. I read a lot positive reviews on the green version however i didn't mange to find it. Hopefully this will work just as good!

OOTD: Summer Days ♥

Hello lovelies! Recently in England has been warm enough to wear shorts and skirts without tights… yayy! I had been to college earlier that day and I needed to change as I was way too hot in my light denim leggings. I been excited to wear my new shorts (which will be in my upcoming haul) they remind me of American apparel easy jeans shorts, however I got them from Primark for only £8!

As those shorts are super high waisted I paired them with my Topshop white crop top, which I also got recently for £8 as well. However I did see very similar, if not this same tops in Primark for around £3 or £3.50… bargain.  I think I will go back and get one…

To finish of my look I wore my white flatform shoes, which are from tReds shoes and my bright flower pattern scarf is from H&M. I think it finishes of my look really well and gives it some pop of colour!

Thanks for reading!
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Superdrug Haul! ♥

Recently Superdrug had a free delivery offer on all orders as well as 3 for 2 on all their make-up, so I had to make a small cheeky order! I wanted to try some of these things for a while but never got round to actually going out and buying them. This just seemed like a perfect opportunity!

 I’m pretty sure you all heard of this concealer, as it’s very popular among bloggers and youtubers. I tried it ages ago, and honestly can’t remember my opinion of it, but as concealer junky I tried so many… that I totally forgot about this. Until recently I was running out of my current concealer and thought I need something new in my life. As so many of my favourite bloggers / youtubers been featuring it in their videos/posts I knew I need this in my life. Do I like it? Well it’s safe to say I LOVE IT! One of best concealers I used in ages! Look out in near future for a full review!
Again I wanted to try out new eyeliner for ages, I been seeing a lot of bloggers reviewing them and they all seem to love it. Eyeliner is another make-up item that I like to try out a lot. I don’t think I ever used waterproof eyeliner before, so I thought I will give this a go. It’s very pigmented and very easy to apply, literally it slides on your waterline really smoothly. I only wore it once so far to college, applied around 7am and at 5pm when I got home still look just as good when I was leaving the house about 8.
As Superdrug had 3 for 2 offer on all make-up recently, I needed to pick up another item. As I didn’t have a lot of time to browse around and things I had on my wish list were either out of stock or not available in that specific superdrug ( it was my local store, it’s not very big! L ) Anyway when I spotted this eyeliner I remembered a lot of people liked it, it was very hyped up product few months ago. I personally prefer gel linear, always have but I thought I will give this a try… as technically it was free so I had nothing to lose!

I prefer using baby wipes over make-up removing wipes as I find them more effective in taking my make-up off and they don’t break me out. Every time I try new make-up wipes I just breakout all over my face… not good reason why I gave up on make-up wipes. I been loving superdrug own babywipes, which you might of seen in past hauls or my night-time routine. Unfortunately I think they been discontinued as I have seen them in any superdrug (yes, I have been too few just to find them :( )  So recently when I was in Superdrug these were on offer for £1, so I thought I will give them a try! So far I really like them!
I wanted to try a eye make-up remover for a while now, I’m not a fan of panda eyes in morning because I didn’t take my eye make-up off properly. I simply picked this up as it was on offer half price with free delivery I just couldn’t say NO. I will let you know how I get on with this. 

I first seen these in Rachel’s (Raych3kinzX) video, I think it was her ‘Current Beauty &Random Favourites’. I usually love all the hair products she talks about, I think we might have similar hair type… who knows. Anyway these were only 99p each so how could I not try them? However I bought them while they were on offer 2 for £1.50 and free delivery!  I haven’t tried them out yet, however they smell amazingly, quite sweetly but not too overwhelming. 

Have you tried any of these products?
Thanks for reading! 

My style | Spring Lookbook 2013 ♥ |

*Apologies this post contains a lot of photos! 

Dress- Primark
Jumper- Primark
Jewellery- Miss Selfridge 

Dress- Primark
Denim Jacket- Tesco Clothing
Shoes- tReds 

Crop top- Topshop
Leggings- Primark
Shoes- Nike Blazers

Shirt- Primark
Jeans- Topshop Leigh Jeans
Shoes- Vans

Crop top- Topshop
Denim Jacket- Tesco Clothing
Skort- Primark
Shoes- Nike Blazers 

                                                  Hope you enjoyed this post! What’s your favourite look?
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My Kindle #3 | Wanted Series by Kelly Elliott ♥ |

Hello! I heard about these books for a long time before I decided to read it as my friend was obsessed with it, she loved it.  She wanted me to read it however somehow I never did until recently when the second book in the series (#saved) came out.

Amazon kindle edition-Wanted (Book 1 Wanted Series) 
Amazon paperback-Wanted: 1 

Wanted is a romantic chick-flick which tells a story about a girl called Ellie, which been verbally abused by her mother for years. She wants nothing for than to get away from her just like her older brother Jeff. Ellie truly believes she should be alone, just like her mother. Last thing she thought about was falling in love with her brother’s best friend Gunner.

Gunner only had two passions in life, football and his grandfather’s ranch. Until he met Ellie and fell head over heels in love her.  He tries to show her how much he loves and cares about her, however every time he is about to win her heart… something manages to screw it all up. Gunner truly believes him and Ellie are meant to be, however she is scared to open her heart up in case she gets hurt again.

This book tells a story about two people who at least expected to fall in love, however will they be patient and strong enough to get over the past and see that their meant to be?

Amazon kindle edition- Saved (Wanted) 
Amazon paperback- Saved: 1 (Wanted)

Saved is a second book in the series, and it’s a continuation of the previous book, however this time main characters are Ari which is Ellie’s best friend and Ellie’s brother, Jefferson.   When Ellie finally has the love of her life, she is faced with possibly of losing him. Rebecca shows up 7 months pregnant, claiming the baby is Jeff’s. Trying to support Jeff and cope with all the truths and lies, may prove to be more than one person can handle. Ari and Jeff's communication issues did not magically resolve either.  Could they get through everything and SAVE their relationship or will they be forced to go their own ways? 

The third book in the series called ‘Faithful’ is expected to publish on August 13th, which tells a story about Heather and Josh.

I personally love these books, and would totally recommend them.