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OOTD: Flower power ♥

Leggings- Local Boutique | Crop top- Topshop | Denim Jacket- Tesco | Shoes- Nike Blazers

Hello! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while but I just recently got back from a holiday and haven’t had time. Being jetlag is a nightmare, all I been doing is sleeping which I makes me feel really lazy. I know some parts of England are really sunny and hot right now, however defiantly not where I live… here is very cloudy and miserable although it’s not too cold.

For my outfit I wore these grey leggings which I showed you a couple of few ago in my haul. To go with them I wore a simple black crop top as these leggings are high waisted. As for my shoes I just wore my black Nike blazers. Unfortunately it was windy and I had to wear a jacket, I decided to go with this denim jacket to make my outfit more summer appropriate.

 I will try and get back to blogging regularly again very soon. Also while I was on holiday I reached 100 GFC followers which is incredible and I’m very happy, it’s means a lot to me so THANK YOU!

Thanks for reading!

My Kindle #4: The Game Changer by J. Sterling ♥

Hello! So recently I read The Game Changer which I waited, a very long time for. It’s a second book in a sequel called ‘The Perfect Game’. The story is about a baseball player, Jack Carter and his college sweetheart Cassie. The perfect Game had a happy ever after ending which at first I didn’t really understand what was the needed for the second book. However this book lets us see what happens after they lived happily ever after.
I was so scared Jack would mess up again; that I didn’t want to read it at first however after reading few reviews I bought this book and read it on the plane.

We get to see Jack point of view on what happened in the long gap he wasn’t in Cassie’s life during the first book. After we get to see what’s it like to deal with fans and media and how one article can affect someone’s life. Although Jack and Cassie did have their happily ever after moment, their life’s aren’t perfect far from it.

They are faced with a lot of problems from the past once again, they try to save their relationship but it’s a lot more complicated than they thought. How can you stay together when everyone is doing their best to tear you apart?
If you loved the first book ‘The Perfect Game’, then I totally recommend reading this book as well. You get to see a different side to the story and play by play on what happened in the time frame, when he and Cassie weren’t together.

Don’t worries this book won’t make you hate Jack, he is a changed man since ‘The Perfect Game’.

My review on ‘The Perfect Game

 The Game Changer is available at Amazon (click here)

Have you heard of ‘The Perfect Game’? 
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OOTD: Midi Dress ♥

*This post is pre-scheduled, as I’m on holiday until 19th of July!

Hello Lovelies! Today I have another OOTD for you, featuring this gorgeous midi dress which I recently showed in my haul! It has a bold Aztec print which stands out a lot! Until recently I wasn’t sure whether a midi dresses suit me because maxi dresses and skirts definitely don’t as they make me look a lot smaller than what I am already!

As some of you know I picked this dress up from a local boutique, I fell in love with the print and had to get it. Originally I thought about getting it taken up however I’m glad I didn’t, I love it the way it is! Over the dress I wore a light denim jacket, although I don’t have a picture it looked really nice and it’s perfect for summer nights, or colder summer days! As for shoes I wore plain white flatforms from tReds.

Would you wear a midi dress?
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OOTD: Pretty in Lace ♥

*This post is pre-scheduled, as I’m on holiday until 19th of July!

Hello Lovelies! Today I have a quick OOTD post for you all, of course not surprised I’m wearing my denim leggings which are from Topshop ( I featured them in my last haul) As for my top I wore this gorgeous lace peplum top which I got from a local boutique. I feel like you could easily dress this outfit up, as the top makes it look a lot smarter! Although it does have an cut out at the back and it is sheer, you can see your bra strap so you might want to wear a vest top or just stick with a white bra as it does blend in.Lastly for my shoes I wore my beloved flatforms from tReds shoes!

Hope you liked this quick OOTD, thanks for reading!

How I would style MOM jeans... ♥

Hello Lovelies! As a lot of you might already know or noticed, MOM jeans are a huge trend right now. Personally they remind me a lot of boyfriend’s jeans but anyway today I thought I will show you show I would style them. I put three outfits together, one for day time more on smarter side, another one just simple casual outfit and last but not least a night-time outfit.

All jeans are from Topshop.

Look 1
The light-washed MOM jeans as mentioned before are from Topshop. I choose a light weight cami print top to go with them. Also I choose a blazer style jacket, as the pink colour matches well with the top. As for shoes I choose these plain white heels from eBay, which seems to be a popular choice among other bloggers. 

Look 2
This is definitely a more of casual look. The white crop top is from TopShop. For shoes I went with converse as they are comfy and finish this look perfectly! As for accessories I only choose simple gold chains, which make one necklace.  

Look 3
This look in my opinion is more suitable for night-time. I choose dark washed jeans, which I paired with a black crop polo neck which is from Topshop.  For shoes I went with these black Jeffrey Campbell foxy dupes, which are from Treds shoes (Currently on sale for £4.99 down from £29.99) For my accessories I went with a simple gold spiked necklace which is from River Island. 

Which is your favourite look?
Thanks for reading!
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Holiday Lookbook ♥

*This post contains a lot of photos and is pre-scheduled. I'm currently on holiday and will be back on 19th of July!
I thought it will be fun idea to show you what outfit I will be wearing on holidays, down to the pool or later on, to dinner. Most probably on holiday I would wear sandals with all the outfits if I would be going down to the pool, but to dinner I wouldn’t mind wearing my flatforms! 

Vest top- New look
Skirt- Primark
Shoes- tReds

Top- Primark
Shorts- Primark
Shoes- tReds shoes 

Dress- Vintage
Belt- New Look
Sandals- Primark 

Crop top- Topshop
Shorts- Primark
Shoes- tReds

Playsuit- Primark (last year)
Sandals- Primark 

What's your favourite look? 
Thanks for reading!