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My Kindle #4: The Game Changer by J. Sterling ♥

Hello! So recently I read The Game Changer which I waited, a very long time for. It’s a second book in a sequel called ‘The Perfect Game’. The story is about a baseball player, Jack Carter and his college sweetheart Cassie. The perfect Game had a happy ever after ending which at first I didn’t really understand what was the needed for the second book. However this book lets us see what happens after they lived happily ever after.
I was so scared Jack would mess up again; that I didn’t want to read it at first however after reading few reviews I bought this book and read it on the plane.

We get to see Jack point of view on what happened in the long gap he wasn’t in Cassie’s life during the first book. After we get to see what’s it like to deal with fans and media and how one article can affect someone’s life. Although Jack and Cassie did have their happily ever after moment, their life’s aren’t perfect far from it.

They are faced with a lot of problems from the past once again, they try to save their relationship but it’s a lot more complicated than they thought. How can you stay together when everyone is doing their best to tear you apart?
If you loved the first book ‘The Perfect Game’, then I totally recommend reading this book as well. You get to see a different side to the story and play by play on what happened in the time frame, when he and Cassie weren’t together.

Don’t worries this book won’t make you hate Jack, he is a changed man since ‘The Perfect Game’.

My review on ‘The Perfect Game

 The Game Changer is available at Amazon (click here)

Have you heard of ‘The Perfect Game’? 
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