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Sporty vibe | What I wore to college #11 ♥

Polo- Primark
Disco Pants- Topshop
Shoes- Nike
Watch- River Island 

Hellooo! If you follow on me on twitter you might already know I joined lookbook.nu. It’s a website where you can post your daily OOTD and label them, where you got each item from. I really have been enjoying using it. If you would like to follow me click here.

Anyway, I posted this OOTD on lookbook last week, and a lot people seemed to like it. I wasn't feeling very well that day, so I went with a baggy grey polo from men's section in Primark and black disco pants from Topshop. As for shoes I wore my nike airmax, instead of my boots (shocking!) Anyway I think this outfit looks very on trend, as it has this sporty vibe to it. As for accessories I only wore my gold River Island watch.

My last ‘what I wore to college’ click here.

Hope you like it!

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Fashion Union Outfit Wishlist ♥

Hello lovelies!

I recently discovered Fashion Union website, and fell in love with a lot of stuff on their website! Currently they’re holding a ‘wishlist’ competition for a chance to win £500 to spend on their website, how amazing? I had a hard time narrowing all my current ‘wants’ as they have gorgeous autumn/winter pieces! 

I decided to create an outfit wishlist, instead your ordinary wishlist as it wasn’t pretty impossible for me to choose! I went with this gorgeous lose dress, paired with black plain suspender tights. As for shoes I went with black heeled Chelsea boots, for accessories I choose this simple black bag with studded detail. Although I did choose a parka coat to complete this outfit to make it more casual. However you could wear it on a night-out with a blazer to dress it up.

This competition ends on Monday 30th September at 5pm, you still have time to enter HERE.

Also Fashion Union currently has a free delivery, make sure to check their website out!

Good luck everyone!

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Berry Lace | What I wore to college #10 ♥

Blouse- Gift
Vest/Cami (underneath the blouse) - Asda
Leggings- H&M
Boots- River Island

Hello Lovelies! I was feeling really tired and wanted to wear something really comfortable but still make an outfit look put-together. I decided to wear simple black leggings as they’re comfy; I like to get mine from h&m as they aren’t see-through like Primark one’s. My berry blouse was a gift from my lovely Nan (thankyou!) It has gorgeous lace details around the neck line. As for shoes I wore my black cut-out boots from River Island (no surprise there…).

My last 'What I wore to college' OOTD (click here)

Hope you enjoyed this quick outfit of the day! Thanks for reading!

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How to style like: Lucy Mecklenburgh ♥

Hello Lovelies! Today is a second post in ‘How to style like…’ series which I’ve started earlier this month, if you haven’t seen the first one click here. Any todays post will focus on Lucy Mecklenburgh, for those who don’t know who she is… Lucy is one of the main cast members from the show ‘The only way is Essex’ also known as ‘TOWIE’ I love her style a lot and think she is absolutely stunning.

In the picture above she is wearing a plain white cami with shiny high-waisted coral/pink skater skirt. She paired it with simple pointed nude heels and her black quilted bag by Channel. To finish the look she wore a gold cuff on her left arm.

Onto the outfit I’ve created; the skirt Lucy wore is actually from River Island, as it’s affordable I decided to stick with it. The white cami vest top is from Topshop, it’s very similar. The nude heels are from Missguided, and they’re very good dupes for the ones Lucy had on. The little quilted black bag is from Boohoo and it’s the closest affordable thing to Lucy’s Channel. To finish the look of I've choose this gold cuff from New Look, which is similar to the one Lucy wore in the picture. 

Skirt- River Island
Cami- Topshop
Nude Heels- Missguided
Bag- Boohoo
Cuff- New look

Hope you like it, thanks for reading!

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Primark Tartan Shirt | What I wore to college? #9 ♥

Shirt- Primark
Skirt- Primark
Tights- Primark
Socks- Primark
Boots- River Island
Bag- River Island

 Hello Lovelies! Wednesday’s are my favourite days in college as I’m only in till half 12. Today was warm enough not to wear a coat, so I only wore my new favourite tartan shirt from Primark. If you read my blog regularly you would of have seen it in my ‘First Day back to college’ OOTD, where I wore this underneath a black skater dress from NewLook. However today I wore black skater skirt also from Primark with black 40 denier tights and grey frilly socks. As my shoes, I went with my most favourite shoes at the moment, which are my cutout boots from River Island. The only accessory I wore was my gold River Island watch. Instead of carrying my big ZARA bag today, I decided to wear my dark green bag from River Island.  

Thanks for reading! 

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Travelling Light (My travel essentials& tips) ♥

Hi Lovelies, it’s no longer a secret that summer is long gone and autumn is here! However I wanted to write a post like this for ages as this summer defiantly taught me new things if it comes to travelling and packing! Today I decided to share with you my travel essentials/ tips that will stop you from going over your baggage weight allowance.

1.      Travel size bottles will be your life savers
2.      Smaller packaging (trust me you don’t need 300ml shampoo bottle for 7nights.)
3.      Planning out your outfits, pack exactly what you want to wear.
4.      Shoes; don’t bring 7 different shoes… three or four pairs is more than enough. ( bring multi-purpose shoes such as these outdoor slippers; really lightweight and perfect for wearing around the pool, in the sea or travelling.) You can wear those on different occasions while away.
5.      You can wear certain stuff twice (example: jeans)
6. Remember about your carry on bag, you can always put some stuff there.
7.      You can always buy stuff at your destinations.
8.      Heavier or bulkier stuff, you should roll nicely instead of folding.
9.      Make sure your suitcase is light, no point taking a suitcase that weights 5kg if you have limited baggage.
10.  Don’t leave packing till last minute! It’s very unhelpful and something always goes wrong, honestly; you will forget something or bring items you really don’t need.

Hope you found this helpful!

The shoes I mentioned earlier are available from here

*This is a sponsored post

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Oh Mickey | What I wore to college? #8 ♥

Top- Primark via ASOS
Skirt- Primark (last year)
Tights- Primark
Blazer- Primark (last year)
Boots- River Island
Socks- Primark
Watch- River Island
Necklace Primark
Bag- ZARA (review click here)

Hello Lovelies! Today I wore a simple black skater skirt which I got last year from Primark. To go with that I wore my new Mickey Mouse t-shirt which I bought from Primark via Asos, it was only £4 in the sale! I was going to wear a black blazer with this outfit however I thought that’s too much black and wore this stone/dark beige blazer instead.

As for jewellery I wore my statement gold chain necklace which is from Primark, and my watch is from river island, which I’m sure you seen before if you follow my blog as I love it… a lot! My shoes are obviously my new boots which I featured in my last OOTD (click here) they’re from river island and were £45. The creamy/beige frilly socks are from Primark.

Lastly my bag as am sure all of you seen is ZARA office city bag, which a lot people have now. I love it as all my stuff fit into perfectly well. Also it’s black so it goes well with everything! If you would like to see what I have in my college bag, click here

Thanks for reading!

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First Day back | What I wore to college #7 ♥

                                                                        Tartan Shirt- Primark
Black Dress- New Look
Tights- Primark
Frilly socks- Primark
Watch- River Island
Boots- River Island

Hello Lovelies! Sadly my summer came to the end and I went back to college on Monday! Honestly I thought it’s going to be so hard to get up and get ready but thankfully it wasn’t so bad. As I’m sure you aware the weather it’s getting colder, I should of wore a jacket with outfit but I honestly didn’t think it would be that cold.

I based my outfit around the tartan shirt which is from Primark, its new stock so it still should be available. My local Primark was disappointing when I went in at the weekend but hopefully it will get better!  While I was in the store this shirt was on a display, with a leather dress over it which gave me an inspiration for this outfit.

I got this black dress from New Look sale in at the end of summer for around £5! It was a total bargain. As unfortunately it’s not warm enough to go bare legs, I wore these black 40 denier tights which are also from Primark.

My boots are my new babies, which I got from River Island. I love the cut-out boot trend and as soon as saw these boots online, I knew they had to be mine! They come up really big, normally I am a size 5 however in these I needed size 3… crazy! However as they didn’t have a size 3 in stock I went for size 4 in them and just wear double socks with them. They are very comfortable to wear and walk, I had them on since around 8 in the morning till about 6 and my feet weren’t sore. As they do have a massive cut-out I like to wear them with frilly socks to finish the outfit off. The red pair of frilly socks is from Primark and they were £1.50, bargain!

Would you like to see more of these?
Thanks for reading!  

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Back to College: Stationery Haul ♥

Hello Lovelies! This is a last post in my back to college series, and if read the tittle it’s my stationery haul. I don’t need a lot of stationery as I am now in my second year of college and have majority of the stuff but also because other than taking notes, we do all our work on computers.

The black lever arch A4 file is from Asda, like everything in this haul. We need this for a massive assignment we have at around Christmas, we print our work off and it goes in that file ready to be marked. I went for a smaller size as I simply didn’t want to carry this with me all way to college. I’ll take it with me on first day of college and it’s going to stay there, I’ve no intention on bring this back with me. If I remember correctly this file was only 80p, bargain!

Next is a pack of 2 plastic folders, which are very useful to put your paper in! As it doesn’t get crumbled, damaged or lost in your bag. I went for this bright orange colour as in my opinion is a lot more fun than plain black or clear. I believe this was only £1 for 2!

Next is my subject book, or simply a notebook. I prefer having subject/project book over normal notebooks or notepads as although all your notes are together, they’re dividing by subject. Therefore it’s a lot easier to find your notes when doing work as they’re a lot more organized. I also like the fact it comes with a pocket to put any spare paper or worksheet you been giving in a class. I know it will be useful if I left my orange folder at home. I think this was around £1.50 or £2.50, I don’t remember correctly but it wasn’t more than that.

This year my college decide we need planners/academic diaries which I’m sure is a reason to keep us organized and to hand in our assignments in on time, instead of 2 or 3 weeks later. My local Asda didn’t have a huge choice in planners; it was either the one I got or smaller red one with hardly any space to write. I went for this one, as it’s not only nice but has a lot of writing space. The only downside is the weight, it’s really heavy and I mean it! The planner is by Collins and it was £4.

Lastly is a pack of pens by BiC. These are my favourite pens ever, the only ones I like to use. They’re the round stic medium 1.0mm in blue. I don’t know about you but I prefer writing in blue rather than black… it’s very strange but true. If I have a choice I will always go for a blue. They came in a pack of 20 for £2 which is amazing as something in WH smith they can be double the price!

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Last year I started a series 'What I wore to college' Just simple outfit I wore to college throughout the year!

Thanks for reading!

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How to style like: Selena Gomez ♥

Picture source: google.co.uk/image
Hello lovelies! Today I decide to start a new series called; ‘How to style like’ I always see celebrities were gorgeous outfit, very nicely put together. However often their clothes are from high-end brands or designers and sadly not many of us can afford it.

Today’s post will focus on a recent outfit Selena Gomez was seen wearing; it’s very casual and effortless. The base of the outfit is black; she is wearing high-waisted black jeans with a black croptop. Over her crop top she is wearing army green waistcoat, which is opened. She also has some cut-out ankle boots which have a chunky small heel. To finish her look off she is carrying her Channel bag, which looks like large 2.55, but I might be wrong. Selena also has large over-sized sunglasses on with big hoop earrings. 

Now on-to the outfit I re-created;

The black high-waisted jeans are Joni Jeans from Topshop. They don’t have the zip detailing on the sides, however there are the only black high-waisted I could find. The crop top Selena wore was sleeveless however as summer is nearly over I couldn’t find out, so I went with this one from New look; which was more particular for autumn/winter in England especially. The waistcoat is from H&M, it’ lighter than the one Selena had on, but it’s pretty good dupe. The boots are from Boohoo. They’re similar yet different as they don’t have that chunky heel, but in my opinion these are more particular for everyday wear. However Boohoo also has a pair of boots with chunky heel which are similar to Selena’s. The quilted bag is from Asos, it doesn’t look like a channel 2.55 but it’s black and quilted, which was the closest match I could find.

Crop top- New Look
Waistcoat- H&M
Jeans- Topshop
Boots- Boohoo
Bag- Asos

Hope you enjoyed this post; let me know if you would like more if so which celebrity I should style like!

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