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Sporty vibe | What I wore to college #11 ♥

Polo- Primark
Disco Pants- Topshop
Shoes- Nike
Watch- River Island 

Hellooo! If you follow on me on twitter you might already know I joined lookbook.nu. It’s a website where you can post your daily OOTD and label them, where you got each item from. I really have been enjoying using it. If you would like to follow me click here.

Anyway, I posted this OOTD on lookbook last week, and a lot people seemed to like it. I wasn't feeling very well that day, so I went with a baggy grey polo from men's section in Primark and black disco pants from Topshop. As for shoes I wore my nike airmax, instead of my boots (shocking!) Anyway I think this outfit looks very on trend, as it has this sporty vibe to it. As for accessories I only wore my gold River Island watch.

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Hope you like it!

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