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Recent Autumn Buys... ♥ ( Primark, Topshop and Ebay)

Hello Lovelies! Yesterday I had sometime before work; I decide to take pictures of my latest autumn buys! This isn’t my payday haul, as some of my packages still haven’t arrived, but it should be up soon! This is rather small haul of just primark, topshop, superdrug and Ebay.

The black and white coat was a present for my birthday last month; however I decide it to share it with you all, as a very similar one was in Dorothy Perkins and Topshop. I love the faux leather details by the zip and pockets, in my opinion in makes the coat look a lot more expensive. Also the fur collar is so soft and adds nice finish to the coat. However you have an option of taking it off.

I’ve seen this skater skirt on the sale rack down from £12 to £5! I live in my black skater skirt so decided this would be a nice change for me. The skirt itself is made out of quite thick material. The belt came with the skirt, as for Primark skirt belt its really good quality.

I wanted one of those fur gillets/ waistcoat since last year when H&M had them in. Unfortunately they sold out really quickly especially in smaller sizes and I didn’t manage to get my hands on one. When I walked in to Primark not that long ago, and seen this for either £18 or £22 (I can’t remember sorry) I knew it had to be mine. 

This sparkly strappy top was very popular on youtube few weeks ago, I got it in mind to wear with my disco pants on night-out. They both look great together! The top was either £6 or £7, no more than that. It also looks great with black long-sleeved top underneath and that skater skirt.

I wanted Joni Jeans from Topshop ever since they came out, however every time I have money and go to buy them, they never have my size! When I saw those jeans in Primark and they look so similar I had to at least try them on. They are really comfortable and look great on, I couldn’t leave them there for £10.

I wore this recently in OOTN here, it was £10 but when I got to the till it was only £5!

The only thing which I bought from Topshop recently was this oversized cut-out butterfly top. I got this a while back for £16, however few days later it went into sale for £8, how annoying? I like to wear this with leggings as its long enough. 

The only two beauty things I recently picked; was this Clean and Clear lotion, which I like to use as a toner. Also I re-stocked on, Nivea Double effect eye remover; my most favourite eye remover ever. Both of these items are currently on offer in Superdrug for £2.

The clear case is from Ebay for around £1.99 however I don’t recommend it as it too tight for my iphone. I’m pretty sure iphone 5 and iphone 5s are this same size, however this case doesn't fit. The other two cases are from Primark, and I love them especially the Kola bear! I think they were £3 or £4 each.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love everything! Lot's of monochrome - perfect for classy winter looks :)

    Charlotte - blotandreapply.com xx

  2. Aw I love that little koala phone case it's adorable! You got some lovely things, Primark really do have some gorgeous things in stock at the minute!


  3. The Koala phone case is so cute! You got some lovely things - Primark have some great things in at the minute don't they! x


  4. hi there! :) I was wondering if the primark jeans are true to size? also is the material thin? i tried on a pair once and thought that it felt more like jeggings than jeans haha. thank you :)