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January Haul 2014 ♥

Today I've decided to share with you all, on what I've been buying lately. Some of the items are in the wash or I just couldn't find them. Looking back I've bought a lot of dresses, this doesn't happen very often as I am more of leggings person. I don't even like jeans, unless they're high waisted preferably- Topshop Joni Jeans. 


Boots- Local Boutique | Heels- New look

I bought these boots to wear on night out during winter, as they will keep you warmer than normal wedges or heels. They're defiantly one of the highest pair of shoes I own, the platform is very big. I wore them out few times so far, with all honesty they're not the most comfortable pair of shoes. However I did manage to have them on my feet all night. The next pair of shoes, I've spotted in the New Look sale section, it's not something I would normally go for as I do like very high heels, however I thought these would be good for everyday wear in the summer as they aren't too high. 


Necklace- New Look | Clutch bag- Primark

I wear a lot of statement necklaces, however I been looking for a choker necklace for a while now to wear with things that have higher neck line. As for the clutch I really wanted a black clutch with a strap as all of mine a handheld. I don't have to hold this in my hand all the time and can just put it on my shoulder and not worry about leaving it somewhere.


Jeans- Topshop | Skirt- New Look | Blouse- George Asda

I wanted those jeans for ages, however every time I went to buy them; they were sold out. So when few days ago I saw them, I picked them up. This shirt came with braces, however I took them off as it's not something I would wear. I wanted one of these skirts since summer, and when I saw it in the sale I decided to buy it. Lastly, this blouse is from Asda. Not somewhere I shop for clothes however I needed last minute black blouse for job trail. I decided to buy something I would wear to college. 

Topshop | Asos | New look | New Look |

I got this skater dress in a Topshop sale for £5! I saw it back in the summer at £20 but never got round to buying it. This will be perfect to wear in summer time with some sandals or converse. Next, this cobalt blue dress is from Asos. I wore it recently in OOTN ( click here) Last two dresses are from New Look, they were both in the sale section. The Aztec print will be perfect for night-out with some heels. Last dress is a tunicm which could be easily dressed-up or dressed down. 

Shine bright like a diamond... | OOTN ♥

Dress- Asos
Tights- Primark
Heels- Local Boutique

I recently got this dress from ASOS, it was down to £5 in the sale! I love the colour of it, and how eye-catching it is! The dress is amazing quality, really comfortable to wear. However as you can see it is very low-cut. As I didn't have time to apply any fake tan, I just wore simple black tights. My heels you have seen many times before, I got them ages ago from a local boutique, I always tend to wear them on nights out as I know am able to have them on my feet all night long.

How to style like: Cara Delevingne ♥

Hello Lovelies, this is another part of my ‘How to style like’ series. Recently I really wanted to get a pair of Timberland boots however they aren’t cheap and I’m not sure how exactly I would style them. When I seen this photo of Cara, I thought it was perfect for my ‘How to style like’ series.
Anyway in this photo she has a pair of Timberland boots with medium washed jeans witch are a little distressed. To go with that she has a white shirt/blouse along with grey tight sweater. Letting the bottom of skirt/blouse be seen. Other than boots the main focus of the look is her tartan biker jacket with leather sleeves.


Get the look

Sweater- Topshop
Shirt- H&M
Jeans- H&M
Boots- Charlotte Russe

Top Thirteen Outfits of 2013 ♥

Hello Lovelies, Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s 2014, honestly it feels like 2012 was just few months ago! My New Year’s outfit of the night, should be up soon! However for my first post of 2014 I decided to look back on all my outfits’ posts of 2013. It was interesting and learning experience; I defiantly enjoyed it. Also I can say I've learn a lot about editing, cropping, layout and writing posts. Anyway here are my thirteen favourite outfits of 2013;

Outfit post (click here)
Outfit post (click here)
Outfit post (click here)
Outfit post (click here)

Outfit post (click here)
Outfit post (click here)

Outfit post (click here)
Outfit post (click here)

Outfit post (click here)
Outfit post (click here)
Outfit post (click here)
Outfit post (click here)
Outfit post (click here)

Thanks for reading!