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#Nwblpool event | Liverpool

Hello Lovelies! On Sunday (2nd of March) I attended my very first blogger meet up/event organised by the lovely Hannah. The event was hold in Hard Day’s Night hotel. I arrived about an hour late as I missed my train and the next one got cancelled, just my luck. As I walked in to Hari’s bar I started talking to other lovely bloggers like Madeline, Francesca and Samantha. I also got the chance to talk to Frances from francescassandra and take a picture. I defiantly had a little fan girl moment when I seen her, as I've been reading her blog for years.

In the bar area, other bloggers where seating down chatting, and in the room attached  there were stalls set up with different brands like Lush and St. Moriz.
I was very surprised and shocked when I found out I won 'The best dressed' at the event, it defiantly was something I had not expected. As for my prize I received a gift set from Lush, called Lots of Love which included stuff like Sex Bomb and Neon Love Soap.

At the end we received a huge goody bag including brands like Benefit, Cocoa Brown, St Moriz, Skinetica, Oqibo and Original Attire.

I will also do a post of what I wore and what was in the goody bag, as I’m sure a lot of you would like to see it.

Massive thank you to Hannah for making this event happen. It defiantly was a huge success.  
Thanks for reading!

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