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#Nwblpool OOTD

If you read my blog regularly, you will know I recently went to #nwlpool event in Liverpool. I already wrote two posts about, first talking about the event and pictures of the venue, click here to read. Second post was all about the lovely goody bag we received, click here to read. This is last post featuring my OOTD, in previous post I mentioned I've won 'Best Dressed' which I was so happy about it, as well as surprised. As there was a lot of bloggers, all dressed really well. 

I took these photos today, as I didn't have time to take pictures before the event. You might have noticed my hair looks a lot different, that's because I had about 5 inches cut off! 

The main focus of the outfit was defiantly this gorgeous skirt, which was a present of my mum. I seen similar one in Topshop few months back but it sold out very quickly. I paired it up with simple cream blouse from Primark, so all the attention is focused at the skirt. On the day I actually wore cut-out boots from River Island, however today I decide to wear my heeled boots from Topshop.

Blouse- Primark
Skirt- Unknown
Shoes- Topshop

Thanks for reading!  


  1. Lovely look :) Beautiful skirt!

  2. A little bit in love with your boots! The skirt is also gorgeous, what a lovely present to get! Great photos xx