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Crop top- Primark 
Skirt- Topshop 
Shoes- Hidden Fashion 
Sunglasses- Primark
 Bag- Primark 

This is my current go to outfit, crop top and skater skirt. Weather in Britain is unpredictable but I think everyone knows that by now. When the sun is out, there is no point wasting it; but to go all out. I love this outfit, especially how well this crop top goes with this gorgeous skirt. I actually bought this skirt last year, so it’s not available anymore. I am wearing my two current favourites; black heeled sandals and matte sunglasses from Primark. I am still not sure whether these glasses suit my face shape but I like the look of them. As I mentioned in another post, these shoes are extremely light and super comfortable, just like wearing slippers. To carry all my essentials like phone and purse, I’ve my small bag from Primark which is actually a clutch with a chain.

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