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Welcome back, I haven’t blog in few weeks, can you believe that? It’s definitely been a long time but no point wasting time explaining everything. I decided to start blogging again as I’ve a lot of free time and no other commitments over than work.  Just a quick reminder, just in case you forgot who I am; my name is Kamila and I am 18 years old.
Necklace- Gift
Top- Primark
Watch- Casio
Shorts- Primark
Shoes- Hidden Fashion
Anyway, my outfit pictures were taken a while back when England was having a heat wave at least where I live. Both my shorts and top are from primark, unfortunately bought last year.  The shorts are actually a dupe of American apparel ‘easy jean shorts’. I only really wear high waisted pants/skirts as I believe that suits me the best. This top is not something I would normally wear but those shorts but I ended up liking it how the whole outfit looked together.  As for my shoes, there are my favourite pair of sandals as I feel like am wearing slippers when I have them on!
Also I'm selling few items on depop @misskamilaa Check it out!
Kamila x

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