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What's in my bag? ft. Zara Citybag with Zips

Hi, this is an updated what’s in my bag as I’ve done this post last year (click here) Also once again I am featuring my new baby, Zara Citybag with zips. I’ve a short review on this bag if you wish to read it, here.

Handcream & Perfume
Both of these things are bag essentials in my opinion, as I’ve dry hands I like to use a hand cream throughout the day. My current favourite is Victoria Secret Totally touchable smooth paraffin ultimate hand treatment, how long is that? Anyway it’s smells amazing and isn’t greasy. My perfume is handbag size of 30ml Justin Bieber ‘The Key’, not his biggest fan but the perfume smells amazing!

The only make-up products I carry with me on everyday basics are black eyeliner from Avon. My current lipbalm; baby lips from Maybelline and cream puff from Collection which is my everyday lip product, it’s my lips but better colour.

If you have an iPhone then you understand why I take my phone charger everywhere. I usually have to charge my phone around 3 o’clock as it’s on very low percent. Earphones are other essentials for me; as I do travel on train very often. Also I do carry a pack of Iswipes, which are anti-bacterial wipes for touchscreen devices.

Wipes& Nail file & painkillers
All three of these items are necessities; because you never know what will happen! I like to be prepared!

Water & Comb
Water is an essential as you have to stay hydrated throughout the day. Especially in the summer times when it’s a lot warmer. As I also bring my comb with me as I hate my hair flat, it just doesn’t suit me. Therefore a comb is an essential for me.

Purse & Sunglasses
My purse is from Primark if you wondering and it contains my cards, vouchers, receipts and money. I feel like as this weather is getting a lot warmer now, and sun is out most days (I know shocking!) carrying sunglasses in your bag is a must.

Also I've few things on sale at the moment on Depop, my username is @misskamilaa Check it out!    

Kamila x

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