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University stationery haul 2014

A4 Project book- Sainburys, £5 | Planner- Asda, £3
 File Dividers- Sainburys, 75p each
 Binders- Sainburys, around £2 each on sale!
Sticky notes- B&M, 99p

If you follow me on twitter, at @misskamilaa then you know I've started uni few weeks ago. I was going to post this as my back to school/uni series but things got in a way and I simply had no time. Other than the things above I ended up getting some new pens and a pencil-case. 

Reason why I didn't buy anything else is because few months ago I received a huge package from Smiggle. (to check it out, click here) I didn't end up using a lot of stuff as I only had few months left of college. Therefore I decided to save it for uni in September. 

Hope you enjoyed this quick post!

Kamila x

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