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TOP- Sinsay
JEANS- (Topshop Joni)
SHOES- Converse

I posted a picture of this OOTD on my instagram (@misskamilaax) few weeks ago when I was on holiday in Warsaw. White jeans are one of the staples in my wardrobe during summer, as in my opinion they look great with pretty much anything! As for my top, it's from a brand called Sinsay. I love the combination of the coral/ baby pink with grey. I actually think this top makes me look so much more tanned than I am. As for shoes I've my converse on, because when do I wear anything else. 

K x

All Star Show Rockaways


T-shirt- ZARA
Jeans- ZARA

We all have them days where we cannot be bothered or just simply don't know what to wear. This is exactly what happened here. I think I've mentioned before that I don't really like wearing any jeans that aren't high-waisted, however because of the colour and all the rips I had to have them. The only problem I've with them is the fact I don't really know what to wear with them. I decided on an oversized fake band t-shirt from Zara, along with white converse. 

K x

Simple stripes

TOP- Topshop
WATCH- River island
SHOES- Converse

Hi! This is just a quick OOTD, sorry for not the best quality of these photos. I was taking them later than usually and the light wasn't as good. This is just a simple outfit of stripe roll neck, with a white skirt from Zara. If you follow me on Instagram (@misskamilaax) then you might have seen it. As I wore it few months ago with tights and some boots. Promise tomorrow's post will be a lot better quality!

Check out yesterdays post: here

K x

Date night

DUSTER COAT- Local Boutique
SHOES- New Look
WATCH- River Island

Hi! I decided to post Outfits of the week, starting today. Some outfits like this one, might be Outfit of the night. Just depends what I end up doing this week. As for this outfit, it's something that could be worn during the day as well as night, all you have to do is change your shoes. 

When I first got these jeans I was extremely annoyed at myself because I picked up mid-rise instead of high-waisted. If you follow me for a while you might have noticed I only wear high-waisted stuff. Although after trying these jeans on, I actually really like them on with certain tops, like t-shirt. Also Zara jeans are some of my favourite jeans, along with Topshops' Joni Jeans. 

I bought my duster coat around October last year, however I hardly worn since. It's perfect for British Summer as its windy and not worm at all. To be honest I feel like Britain skipped summer all together, we had Spring and now where in Autumn. 

What's in my bag? (August 2015)

Hi! Today I though I'll share with you what's in my bag, or should I say backpack as I been using this cream leather backpack from Clarks as my everyday bag during those last few weeks. I haven't done this post since last year, and few things have defiantly changed. I carry my essentials only, as I decided less is more while using this bag.

The thing I never leave my house without is my Iphone, and headphones. These are the two things I always need. Most times I only carry my bank card with me if I don't need my whole purse/wallet. If I am bring my purse/wallet than it's my recent buy from Victoria Secret. It opens in a middle. and had a lot of card space, as well as separate zip pocket for your coins. It's made of black leather, with gold details, my favorite purse I own by far! My other essentials are painkillers, as you never know when you might need them. I also carry body-spray and mini perfume with me, as it's always better to smell nice. Both, body-spray and perfume are bombshell from Victoria Secret, my signature smell and favourite perfume!

Another thing I've in my bag, is my selfie stick as you never know when you might need it to take a great picture! Last, but not least I've my Calvin Klein sunglasses as I wear contact and bright sun irritates my eyes very quickly, that's why I always need them with me.

K x




Hi! It's safe to say that warm days and sunshine here in UK are slowly coming to end. That's why I am taking every chance I've to wear my summer clothes, I mentioned before that summer is my favourite season. Although my favourite fashion season is autumn/fall time, as excited I am for autumn to come around, part of me will be sad to put away all my summer clothes. 

I bought this top at begin of last month, in h&m with my holiday in mind. On holiday I wore it with some shorts, but looks good with jeans too. The fringe looks nice against white, although I think shoes are my favourite part of the outfit.  

K x





Hi! Today's outfit is a little out of my comfort zone but I love it. I bought this white shirt from h&m ages ago but never knew what to wear it with as it's oversized and very long. Well a lot of things on me are long as I am 5,5 on a good day. I gave up the idea of ever begin 5,7, sad times! I wore this shirt more as a shirt-dress rather than a shirt. I have denim shorts from Zara on as it's better to be safe than sorry, right? Plus I had no idea what else to wear underneath it. My heeled sandals appear once again, I am honestly in love with these shoes! Lastly my bag, is from Zara and I'm sure you all have seen it before.

K x

Khaki Green