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Last minute: Halloween Costume

last mintue halloween costume

Tomorrow is Halloween, time of year where we get dressed up in a fancy dress or spooky outfits and go out! This is a simple last-minute costume idea for those who made last-minute plans. Last year I was a cat-women, not a very good one as I only had a cat-eye mask on, but that's what you get for making plans at 5pm on Halloween and everything was sold out. Good job I bought a black 2 piece from Miss Selfridge few days before,that worked perfectly. 

This year I decided to dress up as a devil, as I made plans to attend a house party earlier in October. I couldn't find a 'perfect' devil costume and didn't want to buy something I wasn't too keen on and probably would never wear. That's why I went out and bought a red dress, from H&M along with Devil horns and a fork. Along with a really smokey eye and lace heels I feel like it will be a great costume! 

Happy Halloween!