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Travel with me: NEW YORK 2016

If you follow me on twitter or my private Instagram account (@misskamilaa) then you know I recently went to New York. After watching and being number one fan of Gossip Girl for so many years New York was on my bucket list, dream city to visit. I honestly had the most amazing time and fell in love with the city! Already planning a trip to go back. I was there from Monday till Thursday night, I do wish we went for longer so we wouldn't have to rush as much but even in such a short time we did manage to do everything we wanted too. On Monday we got there about 2pm, after we got our suitcases and got to the hotel it was already around 4pm. We stayed in Comfort Inn Chelsea on 18th West, 25th Street in Manhattan. It was a little bed&breakfast located about 15 minutes walk to Times Square. It was also very close to Madison Square Garden which is an indoor multi-purpose arena, where you could watch baseball game for an example.

After we settled in, got changed and off we went to explore Time Square. At the time we were there, it wasn't long after the snow blizzard so there was a lot of snow still on the sidewalks, and New York was pretty white. That night we ended up eating MacDonald's just to see if it was any different from here in UK, and honestly? I didn't like it. There is a lot of shops which stay open till like 12am in Times Square like American Eagle Outfitters, Forever 21, H&M, Sephora, Macy's, Aeropostal and many more. They also have a massive M&M world and Hershey's. We headed back around 9pm as in UK it was already 2am and we were really tired after travelling for so many hours.

On Tuesday, we ate breakfast around 8am and went to explore. Our first stop of the day was Empire State building and the view from 86th floor. Although it was really windy and cold, the view was insane. Defiantly recommend going up and seeing it with your own eyes. Afterwards we had a nice coffee at Starbucks, and then ending up doing some shopping on Fifth Avenue. The Victoria Secret there is AMAZING! We spent about an hour if not more there, its massive. For lunch we decided on Wendy's which is an american fast-food chain, their bacon chips are incredible! The food was so much better than McDonald's that's for sure! After we decided to explore the Rockefeller center, and go up the rock to see the different view of New York. The Rockefeller center itself is amazing, I can imagine it's even more beautiful at Christmas time with the Christmas tree and ice ring. Afterwards we ended up walking to Central Park, which is a lot bigger than I imagined. We only walked through the side bit on the way to Bloomingdales. Then we ended up getting a yellow taxi to Times Square and went to Planet Hollywood for our dinner. The food there was really nice and reasonably priced for New York. Also the atmosphere there is so nice and the staff are really nice.

On Wednesday, we went to explore the other side of New York and headed towards the Statue of Liberty. We walked there it was just over an hour walk from our hotel to the ferry terminal. We bought the ticket for the ferry and went to explore the Liberty Island, along with the statue. Sadly to go up to the crown of the statue you have to book tickets about two months in advance however we did manage to get the tickets to go up half way. The Statue of Liberty is a lot bigger than I expected.
Afterwards we had food in the cafe on the island, and it was pretty cheap and the food was really nice. Afterwards we went to explore Ground Zero, and popped into Century 21, which is a massive department store which has amazing discounts on designer stuff. Then we headed towards to Wall Street and then we walked on the Brooklyn Bridge. We got the subway to our hotel, as we had no energy left. We had nice rest for 2 hours or so and headed down Fifth Avenue and Time Square for some more shopping. We ended up having pizza in Macy's at the pizza place. That night our faces ended up on one of the Times Squares screen's, pretty cool right?

On Thursday, after our breakfast we went to do last-minute shopping including survivor gifts for our friends and family. Also we managed to find 'Ricky's' which was mentioned in a lot of vlogs by beauty vloggers and how amazing it is. I totally have to agree, if you don't know what it is, never heard of it. It basically is a discounted make-up store, that also sells haircare and skincare stuff. For our lunch we went to 'Andrews Coffee Shop' also not far from Times Square and I had the loaded waffle with berry smoothie and it was so good!! It was cheap too, so defiantly recommended it. Sadly afterwards it was time to head back to our hotel, pack and leave for the airport. I had an amazing time in New York, and if you thinking of going do it! It's amazing city.

Have you ever been to New York?

Thank you for reading!

Kam x

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