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Things I learned while cleaning out my closet

Photo credit: Modern Legacy

1. I own 7 white t-shirts
A simple white t-shirt is an essential in my wardrobe, I wear it with anything to be honest. However do I need 7? Probably not but I swear they are all different!

2. I have way too many shoes!
I have so many pairs of shoes it's unbelievable, do I wear them all? No. Maybe shoe collection would be a good idea to share my love of shoes with you all. I store my shoes in three different storage boxes, I don't even remember them all.

3. Jeans, Jeans and Jeans!
How many pairs does one person need? I mean come on! I understand your darks for autumn/ winter season and lights/whites for spring and summer. It's safe to say I've way too many and wear about a third, if not less! Also almost every pair is high-waisted, in style of Joni Jeans from Topshop.

4. Lack of colour
I own a lot of whites, blacks, khaki and greys with the odd navy blue here or there. I don't have anything against other colours, in fact one of my favourites colours is baby pink. However why am I lacking of colour in my wardrobe I've no idea.

5. How many sweatshirts is too many?
I noticed I've a lot of sweatshirts, they're all different though I promise! Sweatshirts are just a very easy outfit to wear. I like to dress very casually whenever possible. I guess that explains my love for sweatshirts.

Would you like to see a shoe collections?



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