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On Day 2 of my city-break to Krakow, we started nice and early with heading to Salt Mines. To help us get around Krakow using as much of public transport as possible I did download an app called 'Jakdojade' it's a polish app but you can select English as your language. I would 100% recommend downloading this app, it helped us get to places so much! Using your location it tells you where you are and then you can select where you would like to go. The app tells you what bus, tram or train to get,  the times of when the next one will arrive and what tickets to buy and how much they will cost you. The feature which I really enjoyed was once you get on the tram or bus you let the app know you made it, then the app shows you all the stops and lets you track it so you know when to get off. In a new place where you don't know where you are it was very helpful!. From our hotel to the Salt Mines which took about 40 minutes, we did have to get a tram and then change on to a bus literally cost us about 5 zloty which is about £1. Definitely, recommend using public transport when you're in Poland.

 Once we arrived at the Salt Mines we went to get our tickets which are about 90 zlotych, it's around £17-20. I definitely recommend buying your tickets there as it's a lot cheaper. Once you get your ticket you will find out what time is the next tour and you just have to wait. When you get inside you get given headphones along with a radio so you can hear everything your tour guide is saying. The Salt Mines experience is honestly incredible; the tour is about 3km long. You will be able to see corridors, chapels, statues and underground lake; along with 135 meters underground. At the very end of your tour, you can enjoy a traditional polish meal in the restaurant just before you get a lift back to the top.

Afterwards, we made our way to the Main Square and Wawel Castle, where we walked around for hours and just explored this beautiful city. Then we decided to grab some late lunch and headed to 'Mr Vincent Pierogi' which serves traditional polish dumplings, they're so good and very well priced.

For dinner, we headed to try vegan Chinese in the restaurant called 'Pod Norkami' located not far from Main Square. The food was very delicious definitely not your average normal Chinese. The restaurant itself was very cosy and welcoming. Our meal cost us around £23, including our alcoholic drinks. Then we made our way to a cocktail bar called Bar Movida, which offered an amazing range of cocktails.

Jakdojade app- link
Salt mines- link
Mr Vincent Pierogi- link
Vegan Chinese Pod Norkami- link
Cocktail Bar Movida - link

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A few days ago I travelled to Krakow for a short city break. Krakow was on my bucket list for a long time, I'm so glad I've finally had the chance to go. Krakow is located in southern Poland, it is the second largest city in Poland. Very well-known for the Jewish Quarter, one of the biggest main squares and Auschwitz concentration camp. The hotel choice in Krakow is incredible, honestly, it took us a long time to decide where we wanted to stay. In the end, we decided to stay in the district of Kazimierz, in the hotel called InX Design. It's a four-star hotel, located in the heart of Kazimierz. The hotel was amazing, couldn't recommend it enough. The staff was very helpful, and polite no matter what time it was. The reception was open 24 hours a day, a room got cleaned each day. The hotel also had room service, if you wished to order drinks & food. The room itself was a very good size for two people with a great power shower. Also, the room had a mini bar and room service.

When we landed in Krakow, we decided to save time and make it easier to get an Uber to the hotel. Although 4 Uber drivers cancelled on me, I managed to get a driver within minutes. The ride to the hotel was about 30mins and it costs us roughly £11. In my opinion, it was a great price, for distance and time.
Photo credit: INX Design Hotel
After we got into our room, we left our suitcases and made our way to the local supermarket which was around the corner. We got essentials things for our room, along with alcohol to pre-drink in our room before night-out.

The first night we decided to eat in the Main Square, a lot of restaurants have a heated tent outside the actual restaurant, which is very cosy & great for people watching. All restaurants have their menu outside so you can have a look at what they serve without going into the restaurant. The dinner was very nice, the staff very helpful and spoke really good English. I think the dinner came to around £30, that's including starters, main and alcoholic drinks. Afterwards, we took a taxi back to our hotel which literally cost us around £2, so cheap!

Our hotel - link

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