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What's in my travel wash bag?


Recently I went on away and thought I will show you some of my daily essentials as well as other products I use very often. Most of the products are travel size so they didn’t take much space and didn’t weight a lot. 

The soap and glory bag I received for Christmas, with 9 of travel size soap&glory items.

First, I have a hand sanitizer. I always use it before I do my make-up.  I also have a hand cream which is the soap&glory hand food, which smells amazing and moisturizes your hands perfectly not leaving your hands greasy. As it’s colder I feel like I use my hand cream very often as my hands can be very dry but also after I finish doing my make-up and wash my hands I like to apply some hand cream to finish off getting ready.

Next, I like to switch and try new shampoo’s and conditioner very often but when I travel I usually use the Herbal Essences beautiful ends which comes in red packaging however in boots they didn’t have the smaller version so I picked up the Dove hair therapy nourishing oil care shampoo and conditioner. It leaves your hair really soft and shiny also it smells really nice. 

Also, I bought my Systeme Pro-Vitamin Heat Defence Styling Spray which I only recently picked up but so far I really liked it. Before I was using my lee Stafford heat defence however I though it made my hair greasier quicker, and my friend recommended this heat defence as she said it left her hair really soft and smelled quite nice.

As I only wash my hair 2 or 3 times a week, I often need my dry shampoo to refresh my hair. I love my Batiste dry shampoo as it doesn’t leave white patches in my hair and smells really nice!

The next two things are skin care which are both from soap&glory. The righteous butter which is a body moisturizer which leaves your skin really moisturized however not greasy, also it doesn’t take long to dry into your skin and smells lovely. ‘Clean on me’ is a shower gel which smells amazing!

Another three products are for my face, Nivea daily essentials express hydration primer leaves your skin feeling moisturizes but also it evens out your skin which helps to apply your foundation really smoothly, however I didn’t notice it helps my foundation last longer so I use another primer to make my make-up last longer. ‘Scrub of your life’ is not harsh on your skin and smells really good, as most soap&glory products! Lastly is my Duac Once daily gel which I got from my doctor for any spots I have. As a name suggests it’s a gel you use once a day, you wash your face with it at night or morning as you prefer and it leaves your skin oil free which is what causes spots.

In the two plastic bottles I have a cleanser and a toner. The cleanser is from the body shop and the toner is clean&clear.  I mentioned the cleanser before however my clean&clear toner is new and I haven’t really tired out yet so I can’t really say anything about it. 

The last three essentials are Nivea Pearl&Beauty deodorant, Christina Aguilera ‘Inspire’ perfume which smell really delicate and sweet (sorry I am really bad at describing)  and lastly my sally Hansen nail strength, as my nails were in a really bad condition lately I use this underneath any nail polish to prevent my nails from breaking.

Hope you liked this post, thanks for reading!

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