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February Favourites!


I never posted monthly favourites before so it's my first time! Anyway second half of February I was away so I didn't have any new products with me to try out, as I only bought my essentials with me.

·         Nivea Lip Butter
I heard about them for a while but I didn’t jump into the hype of them, but recently Rachel from Raych3kinzX featured the vanilla&carmel lip butter in her favourites, and while I was wondering in Tesco I seen it, smelled it and bought it! It makes me want to lick it off my lips because it smells so amazing and it’s a really good lip balm too! Smell it you have a chance too!
·         MUA cream blusher in Yummy
I mentioned this before in my MUA haul, at first I wasn’t impressed with it, it seemed so sheer and felt really sticky on my face. Instead of using my fingers I thought I will try it with a brush, it applied totally differently. My face for sure didn’t feel sticky anymore and colour wasn’t sheer, now that I used this blush for a while even with my fingers applies really well.
·         MUA Cover&Conceal concealer
I really like this concealer under my eyes as it brightness my under eye area and covers my under eye circles really well. It’s thick and blends really well.
·         Revlon Lipstick in Sassy Mauve
I have mentioned this Lipstick before in my ‘Favorites lipsticks at the moment’ Click here to read it.
·         Superdrug 80 cotton soft baby wipes
I prefer this wipes to take my make-up off as they don’t break me out; they don’t dry really quickly and are slightly bigger than normal make-up wipes. Also they are very affordable at around 99p or sometimes on offer two for £1.49 which is a really good price for 80 make-up wipes.
·         Justin Bieber Someday Perfume
I received this perfume for Christmas and I love it! I am really bad at describing scents, so I will link the perfume shop website below. Anyway it’s a really good perfume, it smells fresh and last on your skin long time.
·         Soap and Glory Scrub of your life
I like to use this scrub on my face as it’s a gentle on my skin. It’s smoothing, thick and smells really fresh.
·         MUA stippling brush
It’s an only brush I currently own from MUA but I love it. My foundation applies really well and blends well. The brush itself is made really well and it doesn’t shred.
MUA Pro-Base Fixing Mist
I use this before i apply my primer as it makes my primer apply smoother. Also I like to spray this after I finish my make-up to set everything. Although i am still trying this product out, so i don't have a lot to say about it. However i do like to use it throughout the day to refresh my make-up, then I apply powder for matte look as I have oily skin. 
TV shows

The Lying Game
The series finally moves on, and we find out more and more secrets! For first time since the begin of the show Emma and Sutton are on this same team! Also the new character in season 2, Jordan is gorgeous!

The Carrie Diaries
I was introduced to this show after watching Macbarbie07 video based on Carrie.The Carrie Diaries is based in 1980's when Carrie is in high school. Although i heard about the books i never read them... even thought I love Sex and the city, especially the films! 


Book that i been loving in the month of February was Rule by Jay Crownover. This is a love story; however  with a twist about how to people who just shouldn’t be together have growing chemistry. Shaw the main girl character was in love with her best friends’ twin brother, Rule. Rule was always trouble. He and Shaw barely tolerated each other until one night when Shaw had too much to drink… and it changed their outlook on life, as well as on each other. 

Amazon link- Rule

Thanks for reading!


  1. I've heard quite alot about the MUA Cover&Conceal concealer but I dont think they have it in my shade and thats a real bummer! x


  2. I ordered mine online, as my Superdrug didn't have it too! but it was worth it!

    Kamila x

  3. I love your blog!
    I'm just after nominating you for a Liebster award, check out my blog to see more about it