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My Kindle #1

Hey Lovelies!
As I like reading, today I thought I will post something a little bit different. For Christmas I received a kindle from my mum and I love it! It’s definitely worth the money. Since Christmas I read few books, although with such a huge choice not all books I bought have been great due to editing or other problems.Today I thought I share my 5 books I read so far that I absolutely love;

I bought this book because my friend said ‘oh look this book sounds good’ and it was. This book tells a story about a girl who once saved her class friend, but unfortunately no one was there to save her. She changed her self and promises she will never tell anyone what happened. Few years later her painful past still hunts her, so after high-school just as the summer starts Callie leaves for University (college in America) so little she knew that everything was about to change once again… the boy she saved that night ends up coming to this same University with his own sad story. He was really lucky when Callie happened to be in right place and right time to save him which he is really grateful for what she did. Kayden does everything to try and get to know her more however Callie is closed off and keeps back. As they spend more and more time together he realizes its Callie who might need to be saved after-all. 

2. Rule by Jay Crownover

This is another love story; however this time with a twist about how to people who just shouldn’t be together have growing chemistry. Shaw the main girl character was in love with her best friends’ twin brother, Rule. Everyone always though Shaw and Remy were together, even Rule. Although they only loved each other as a sister and brother. On the other side Rule was a trouble, always. He and Shaw barely tolerated each other until one night when Shaw had too much to drink… and it changed their outlook on life, as well as on each other. 

Amazon link- Rule

3. The Perfect Game by J. Sterling

The Perfect Game tells the story of college juniors, Cassie Andrews & Jack Carter. Jack is a baseball player who is most popular boy in college, all the girls dream of him but he is a player with a typical cocky attitude. Cassie is good-looking, sweet and innocent… she lives with her best friend Melissa and adores photography. Both Cassie and Jack are damaged due to their past, filled with mistrust; Cassie does everything to stay away from Jack… as he’s a game she never intended to play however he is determined to get her attention and time of the day. Who knew that Cassie would change Jacks ways and become his game changer? This is defiantly an emotional book which breaks my heart at places!

Amazon link- The Perfect Game

4. While it lasts by Abbi Glines

Until about an hour ago I wasn’t aware that this book is a part of a sequel, its third book in out of five I believe. Anyway with that begin said, this book is a very good read as a standalone book. There are parts (not many though) where you are confused because you don’t get much background information on the third part characters, mainly because you haven’t read the 2 books before, duuhhh Kamila? Anyway I love the way this book is written, the way characters develop throughout, it’s amazing!  It tells a story about a girl, Eva who lost her fiancĂ©, Josh who was killed along with other soldiers. On the other hand Cage, in order to save his scholarship he has to spend his summer baling hay on the farm Eva lives. He tries his best to charm and impress her; unfortunately she isn’t buying his game. 

Amazon link- While it Lasts

5. Wait for you by J. Lynn, Jennifer L. Armentrout

Yet again, another love story about two college students, Avery and Cameron (Cam). Avery moved across the country to get away from everything and everyone she knew. All she wants is to start over again, make sure she makes it on time to class, doesn’t attract any attention to herself and most importantly remembers to keep her bracelet on left wrist in place. Out of everything she wanted, she never though she will catch attention of the one guy who could shatter everything. She knows she needs to stay away from him, but Cam is freaking everywhere… will he stick around when the truth comes out because it will sooner or later or will he turn his back like everyone else did? Remember some things are worth fighting for…

Amazon link- Wait for You

Hope you enjoyed! 
What are some of your favourite books to read?

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  1. Great post, I really like the sound of that first book especially :) I'm reading Anna Karenina at the moment and it's really good!