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April favourties ♥

As you can see I have been really into my hair care in the month of April. I also discovered my love for lipstick again, I been wearing bright, bold lipsticks almost every day if I was wearing make-up. However to college I don’t like wearing very bold lips, so my collection Lip n Hold was my to-go lip-gloss.

  • Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Cream
I re-discovered this product again in the month of April; it smooth out the ends of my hair and helps to hide my split ends as well as makes my hair smell really nice!
  • Percy & Reed Quite Frankly Flawless Finishing Polish

I been into curling my hair last month, and I found this product works like a hairspray in a cream form. I would get a tiny amount on my hands and gently work it into my hair. This kept my hair curly all day, often I wake up the day and my hair is still holding a tight curl. I totally recommend this product it’s time saving as I don’t have to re-curl my second day hair because I really like the loose curl effect the day after.

  • Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter™ Body Butter

I was away first week of April, and I re-discovered my love for this body butter. Very tiny amount moisturizers my body really well, I liked to also use it on my face before bed if I think my face is a little dry.
  • NYC nail polish in mint macaroon

I featured this nail polish last month in my top 5 nail polishes for spring post. It’s a lovely mint colour; it applies very well and lasts on your nails a long time, as it doesn’t chip quickly. It doesn’t dry as quickly as my miss sporty nail polishes do!
  • MUA lipstick in shade 15

As mentioned in my haul, which is a post I uploaded just before this (click here to read it), it’s a neutral peachy pink colour. It applies very well, however it does show up any dry skin. Therefore I like to apply my Nivea essentials lip balm underneath it.

  • MUA lipstick in shade 3

Until the shade 15, this lipstick goes on your lips really smoothly and doesn’t show up any dry skin. It’s a very pigmented colour and you have to watch out not to get it on your teeth. Definitely my favourite lipstick at the moment!

  • Nivea essentials lip balm

I have been applying this before bed on my lips, as well as before I apply any lipsticks. It moisturizes my lips and also smooth’s them out, hiding any dry skin.
  • Collection Lip n Hold lipgloss in Body Pop

I don’t like to wear bold lips to college, reason why this lipgloss has been my to-go lip product to college in the month of April. It smells amazing but also applies to your lips really well and stays on for a while; you don’t have to re-apply every 10 minutes. 

Fashion Favourites
This month I have loved my Zara Office City Bag, which I reviewed here. It’s my college bag and it fits everything in perfectly. It can dress up very casual outfit and make it much smarter. 

Another fashion favourite for the month of April, are my disco pants! I featured them in OOTD or What I wore to college outfit posts! I love them; they look so good with pretty much anything. On warmer days I like to wear them with a crop top and converse or vans. However I wear them during night as well with some heels, blouse or crop top and blazer and am ready to go. My disco pants are from Topshop if you wondering.

 Music Favourites 

The Saturdays- What about us

Calvin Harries ft Ellie Goulding

Nicki Minaj- Starships 

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