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My Kindle #5 | The Love Series by Megan Smith ( Trying not to love you ) | ♥

Hello Lovelies! Recently while I was on holidays I discovered Megan Smith, I loved the first book which I read by her,‘Trying not to love you’. Her style of writing is amazing, she makes you feel like you really know the characters and you feel everything their going through… which sometimes can be heart-breaking. On the 31st of July Megan published the second book in the sequel called ‘Easy to love you’ which is continuation to the story.

‘Trying not to love you’ isn’t your typical boy meets girl book, he is a player and she is sweet and innocent… it’s nothing like that. The two main characters are Mackenzie and Hunter, they pretty much grown up together since he moved to their area when she was only 10. Mackenzie was not only the only girl but the baby of the family, as she had three older brothers. At young age their dad made sure they understood to always lookout for her and protect her. They made her life a lot harder and it was very to enjoy her teenage life. Having a boyfriend was pretty much not possible, as her brothers would threaten or scare any boy who would show any interest in Mackenzie, especially after her brothers become really close with Hunter… meant only one thing that she had, four over-protective brothers watching her every step. That was until Dominic who wasn’t afraid of standing up to them.

Everything finally seemed to be going really good for Mackenzie until she moves to college, where she sees a different story to Dominic, which results in her questioning their relationship. She starts to notice he might be just like majority of the other guys.

One night, one party flip her world upside… she doesn’t know what to do or how to deal with it. She is left with a broken heart and her brothers’ best-friend shoulder to cry on. The attraction their share for each-other is growing, the chemistry becomes strongly noticeable and impossible to avoid. Feelings that been buried years ago are seeing a daylight again and questioned.

However Hunter has to make a choice, a girl of his dreams or his best-friends, who happen to be her brothers. 

‘Trying not to love you’ is available on Amazon, both in paperback and kindle edition. 

Thanks for reading!