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OOTN: And we danced all night to the best song ever... ♥

*Sorry for the poor quality of photos, we had last minute session in the toilets with an iphone!

 Dress- New Look
Watch- River Island
 Shoes- Local Boutique 

On Saturday I went to my friend’s 18th birthday party. It was an amazing night and great chance to catch up with everyone who I hadn’t seen in ages. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to wear but in the end I went with this stripe dress, with plain black bodycon bottom which was from New Look. My watch is from River Island, which I showed up close in my recent haul (click here). As for my shoes, these babies are extremely high and not the easiest shoes to walk in. Unfortunately by the end of night, I took them of as my feet were killing me! Although I still love them and think they’re a amazing and despise everything I will wear them again!

Hope you like it, thanks for reading!