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Long-time no see... | What I wore to college #12 ♥


Vest top- Primark
Shirt- Primark
Disco pants- Topshop
Gillet- Primark
Boots- River Island

Hello strangers! Long-time no see right? If you follow me on twitter (@misskamilaa) you might already know this; I am now employed. Yes I been offered a job in a shop and I love it! However only downside is I’ve no free time. Usually my days off I spend blogging, but now I work on all my days off expect Sunday. Although last two Sundays I spend in bed catching up on my lost sleep! There it is my reason why I haven’t blog in nearly two weeks; I am trying to come up with a solution and time, but as of yet I haven’t come up with anything… sadly.

Anyway onto the outfit, I got up late that morning; reason why my hair is up! I had no idea what to wear, so I went with a basic navy vest top which is from primark as a base for the outfit. To go with that I wore my topshop disco pants, as a top/jacket I decided to wear this oversized tartan blouse from Primark. To finish my look of I wore my new fur gillet which is also from Primark. Lastly my boots are from River Island, but you already know that if you read my blog! Although a lot of people have them especially in the blogging/youtube community. 

P.S So sorry about the quality of the photos however when I took them it was already dark outside so I had to use lamp; and photos turned out very yellow. While editing I choose this effect which is better than nothing. 

Thanks for reading!

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