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My 18th Birthday ♥

Hello Lovelies! In my previous post I mentioned I would do a birthday post, on Thursday the 3rd October I turned 18 years old! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone; I honestly remember celebrating my 16th birthday and now 18 about to apply to university! Am growing up so fast and am not sure if I like it, sometimes I really do miss being a kid!

On my actual birthday on Thursday I was in college mostly all day, however my lovely friends got me a cupcake with a candle; it was so nice of them! After college I met one of my best friends and together we when to costa coffee for hot chocolate. After we got the train home together and had a drink together.
When I came home there was a lovely delivery waiting for me, one of my nans send me a beautiful basket of flowers with a small teddy bear. Anyone that knows me in real life, know that I might or might not have an obsession with teddy’s. Before you ask yes, I am 18 years old. Along with the teddy bear she got me this tube, filled with my favourites sweets. I didn’t go out on my birthday night as most of my friends were in college the next day. I decided to only show you my favourite presents as I didn't want people to think i'm bragging or showing off.

On Saturday I received my main present from my parents which was buying me out my contract plus a new phone, which am sure won’t be surprised foe most of you when I say it’s the new iphone 5s. Unfortunately the network I am with is very unreliable, and not many people within the company know what they’re doing. Therefore my phone is not working yet, but hopefully it will be soon, fingers crossed! (I mean I’ve been waiting two days, I can wait some more… not like they care)

I think the best part of my birthday was my cake, it was a gorgeous and I really enjoyed eating it!

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Thanks for reading!