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January Haul 2014 ♥

Today I've decided to share with you all, on what I've been buying lately. Some of the items are in the wash or I just couldn't find them. Looking back I've bought a lot of dresses, this doesn't happen very often as I am more of leggings person. I don't even like jeans, unless they're high waisted preferably- Topshop Joni Jeans. 


Boots- Local Boutique | Heels- New look

I bought these boots to wear on night out during winter, as they will keep you warmer than normal wedges or heels. They're defiantly one of the highest pair of shoes I own, the platform is very big. I wore them out few times so far, with all honesty they're not the most comfortable pair of shoes. However I did manage to have them on my feet all night. The next pair of shoes, I've spotted in the New Look sale section, it's not something I would normally go for as I do like very high heels, however I thought these would be good for everyday wear in the summer as they aren't too high. 


Necklace- New Look | Clutch bag- Primark

I wear a lot of statement necklaces, however I been looking for a choker necklace for a while now to wear with things that have higher neck line. As for the clutch I really wanted a black clutch with a strap as all of mine a handheld. I don't have to hold this in my hand all the time and can just put it on my shoulder and not worry about leaving it somewhere.


Jeans- Topshop | Skirt- New Look | Blouse- George Asda

I wanted those jeans for ages, however every time I went to buy them; they were sold out. So when few days ago I saw them, I picked them up. This shirt came with braces, however I took them off as it's not something I would wear. I wanted one of these skirts since summer, and when I saw it in the sale I decided to buy it. Lastly, this blouse is from Asda. Not somewhere I shop for clothes however I needed last minute black blouse for job trail. I decided to buy something I would wear to college. 

Topshop | Asos | New look | New Look |

I got this skater dress in a Topshop sale for £5! I saw it back in the summer at £20 but never got round to buying it. This will be perfect to wear in summer time with some sandals or converse. Next, this cobalt blue dress is from Asos. I wore it recently in OOTN ( click here) Last two dresses are from New Look, they were both in the sale section. The Aztec print will be perfect for night-out with some heels. Last dress is a tunicm which could be easily dressed-up or dressed down.