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My Kindle #6: Easy to love you by Megan Smith

Hi Lovelies! I decided recently to bring back my kindle read posts, as I love reading books a lot. Don’t worry I’ll only be posting these posts on Sunday’s; the blog is still going to be about fashion. 

Easy to love you by Megan Smith, is a second book in sequel. I’ve wrote a review on Trying not to love you which is the first book (read here) The last book has ended in huge cliff-hanger which left us readers very impatient and on edge.

Their story picks up where last book ended, with Hunter and the rest of family waiting. A little reminder Mackenzie is in hospital after she was in a car accident. Megan gave us no answers at begin; she had us wait very impatiently which I really liked. I felt like I could really feel what Hunter was going through. 

I honestly thought she will be ok, they will get married, Brittany will pay for what she did and they would live happily ever after. NO. I was wrong very wrong; Megan defiantly didn’t make this book very predictable as I was shocked where she took their story during certain bits.
Onto the plot; Hunter started new job, he become a full-time daddy with seriously injured girlfriend. Although Hunter is very heartbroken after what happened to Mackenzie, he doesn’t complain and handles life very well. It’s so obvious he loves Kenzie more than ever.

As this was only a start, we soon find out Hunter has a problem, serious problem. For a very long time he has kept a secret from Kenzie, because life is a b****. Hunter really quickly realizes that he has no other choice but to tell Mackenzie. Will they get through it, or is that the end of their story?
I love Megan’s writing, her way of telling a story. She still managed to make me very shocked, surprises as well as laugh out loud. If you read the first book you will know every character has their hidden secrets, it’s shown very well in the second book. Mackenzie is a very strong character; she is not only 19, a new mom but after a serious accident. However there is only so much she can take. Her friendship with Hailey is portrayed very well, it’s safe to say they’re more like sisters.

Although the whole series is full of suspense’s, cliff-hangers and shocking moments it’s defiantly a romance novel. We are able to witness how Mackenzie’s and Hunter relationship grows, although we get to see a sneak peak of Masons and Coppers relationship as the twins are back. Sad part is that Mackenzie’s and Hunters story is over but great news is Mason and Hailey are next. I loved them in this book; and after another cliff-hanger at the end of Easy to love you. I cannot wait to read the third book which is Hard to love you.

As for conclusion of the second book, it’s defiantly an emotional, funny, sexy read at times. We got a chance to learn something new about all the characters in the book, not just Kenzie or Hunter. To finish off, this book is really well written with an amazing story; defiantly worth reading. I assume Hard to Love you will be just as good if not better.

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