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Instagram #1

  In love with my new dark hair // Airport essentials (Starbucks)

McDonalds crunchy MCFLURRY // Nike roshe run trainers 

Instagram is my obsession, I joke you not. As soon as I wake up I check my Instagram and just before I fall asleep I also scroll down my newsfeed. I started to post more recently and I love it. The other day my mum and me where talking about Instagram and how it works. When she saw I follow more people than follow me back she laughed and said 'Are you nosey?' If following a lot of interesting people means am nosey, than I guess I am ha!

Anyway if you would like to see what I get up to on more personal day-to-day basics follow me at @misskamilaax If you interested in blogging updates, fashion, OOTD than follow my blog account which is @95alimak

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