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If you read my blog regularly you know I own the ZARA office city bag in black, which I bought around this time last year.  At the time it was very popular among the bloggers, since then ZARA realest mini version of that bag which throughout the year came in different colours; black, grey, navy and I believe burgundy. 

Anyway while browsing the ZARA website as you do, I noticed in the ‘New’ section this bag- ZARA office citybag. I wanted a similar bag to my current black bag from ZARA but in lighter shade which would be more summer appropriate. So as you can imagine when I saw this beaut, I fell in love-literally. 

ZARA has one of the best delivery services, as I ordered my bag on Friday night and it came on Monday morning. The only annoying thing is if you order below £50 you have to pay around £3.95 for delivery. Luckily, this bag was over £50…or not so lucky

As most if not majority orders from ZARA; this bag came in huge cardboard box, and the bag itself was wrapped up nicely in tissue paper. 

I was positively surprised as this bag is a lot lighter than the ZARA city office bag. I would say this is a medium size, where that one is a large. On the tag it does say the back pocket would fit a 15’ inch laptop in, I haven’t tested this theory but looking at the size I agree. Also the back zipped pocket, just like the office city bag is padded to protect your bag. The front pocket is perfect size to put stuff you need a easy and fast access too; like your phone, bus/train pass or headphones. The hardware is gold, and the bag does have feet on the bottom with will protect it from getting damaged and dirty. The bag comes with padded long detachable strap, which is also very useful. As you can see on the pictures the handles on the bag are regulated, so you can change it how you want it.  

Unlike the office city bag, this is a bucket style, which means there are two zipped compartments only. The in-between section is quite big and you could fit a lot of stuff inside there. That compartment closes together with a popper with is in-between those two zipped compartments. As I mentioned before the back pocket is padded.  Inside the ‘bucket’ compartment there are 3 little pockets; size of a card and two bigger ones. As they’re flat I’m not sure yet what I will keep there.

The bag retails at £59.99 available from ZARA, I got mine online- but they’re probably in stores too- link

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