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What's in my bag? (August 2015)

Hi! Today I though I'll share with you what's in my bag, or should I say backpack as I been using this cream leather backpack from Clarks as my everyday bag during those last few weeks. I haven't done this post since last year, and few things have defiantly changed. I carry my essentials only, as I decided less is more while using this bag.

The thing I never leave my house without is my Iphone, and headphones. These are the two things I always need. Most times I only carry my bank card with me if I don't need my whole purse/wallet. If I am bring my purse/wallet than it's my recent buy from Victoria Secret. It opens in a middle. and had a lot of card space, as well as separate zip pocket for your coins. It's made of black leather, with gold details, my favorite purse I own by far! My other essentials are painkillers, as you never know when you might need them. I also carry body-spray and mini perfume with me, as it's always better to smell nice. Both, body-spray and perfume are bombshell from Victoria Secret, my signature smell and favourite perfume!

Another thing I've in my bag, is my selfie stick as you never know when you might need it to take a great picture! Last, but not least I've my Calvin Klein sunglasses as I wear contact and bright sun irritates my eyes very quickly, that's why I always need them with me.

K x