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Recently I travelled to Amsterdam with a group of friends for friend's birthday. We went on Thursday afternoon and came back on Monday night. Amsterdam is a very popular place to visit, the city itself is very easygoing. It was very refreshing to see more bikes than cars, they even have a multi storey bike park. We got very lucky with the weather as it was actually colder back home than in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is very pretty, every picture looks amazing! The Dutch are very friendly, unless you step on the bike lane then run! They will be mad. Every Dutch person we came across spoke fluent English, so it was very easy to communicate.

Things we seen:
1. Dam square
2. 'I Amsterdam' sign by Rijksmuseum
3. River of lights canal cruise
4. Sex museum
5. Red light district
6. Extra cold Ice bar

Places we ate:
1. Toastable (A little cafe that serves toasts, toasties, soups, and a very good coffee. The staff was extremely lovely, and the food was amazing.)
2. O'Reilly's Irish Pub ( Very cosy, A lot of British food on the menu, close to Dam Square, great atmosphere especially if you like football or rugby)
3. Bon Appetit (Small cafe on the main street of Amsterdam, serves amazing full english breakfast, great coffee, affordable price and very friendly staff who speak english)
4. Manneken Pis (Fast food place, portions are huge, very cheap, worth the wait)

We ate at few different places but sadly I can't remember the name of them. The transport in Amsterdam is fairly easy to use, we managed to get the train and then metro from the airport to our hotel. The daily tickets can be used on metro, trams and buses. I believe the 3 day ticket is around 17 euros. You can buy tickets outside the metro station from a machine.

Overall Amsterdam is beautiful but expensive so be ready. The only thing we wanted to do but didn't get the chance was Anne Frank house, the queue was extremely long around 3 hours wait. Next time we will defiantly buy the tickets online to save time queuing up.

Kamila x

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